Prime Group, India



Onet Technologies India Is a Joint Venture between the Onet Technologies in France, one of the leading players globally in the field of Nuclear Services and M/s PCI Ltd., the flagship company of the Prime Group, a leading force in the field of Hi-technology equipment, systems, CNC machines etc. relating to Engineering, thermography, cable fault location, on-line condition monitoring systems, power conditioning systems, high voltage test equipment and protection text equipment for HV/EHV electrical installations transformers, cables etc.

Onet Technologies is a major player in the civil nuclear industry in France. Today, the company employs a workforce of 2500 staff, composed of 800 engineers and experts and around 1700 technicians and specialised operators, and has a sales turnover of 240 million euros. Onet  Technologies intervenes at all stages of the nuclear cycle, tailoring all-inclusive solutions to meet the specific needs of each client, and offering its proven capabilities in integrated engineering and lead-contracting in new build and nuclear services.

The aim of the JV is to provide services to the nuclear industry of India.

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