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4-Day Backcountry Elk Hunting Gear List Kody Kellom of Born & Raised Outdoors

born and raised outdoors gear


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Sports Outdoor. Trent and Kody from Born And Raised Outdoors join me to discuss a wide range of topics from elk hunting to starting your business in the outdoor industry. We also discuss their new upcoming project "Land Of The Free 2. They create some of the best elk hunting footage around to help motivate, educate and inspire folks who whish to do the same. Give them a look on YouTube for great content and visit their webiste at www.

Topics discussed include Land of The Free project, archery elk hunting, all things Roosevelt elk, why film your hunts, hunting with llamas, hunting new places, collaboration media, YouTube video distribution, calling elk, aggressive elk hunting, public land hunting challenges, getting away from crowds, hiding your favorite spots, decoy rigs, hunting multiple states, over-the-counter tags, hunting 50 days straight, the bull who wants to fight, and many other elk hunting topics. Marcus believes elk "Are . Topics . Topics covered include spring black . Topics covered . Nevada has amazing hunting, with . Colorado is a state you can hunt .

These three statements are what Kody Kellom, and the entire Born and Raised team, hope to accomplish through their videos and Land of the Free project. Kody has had a bow in his hands since the age of three, and we recently got a chance to catch up before he and the BRO team head out for another hunting season. Kody Kellom: I received my first knife when I was 9 years old. My Dad gave it to my on the morning of my first ever elk hunt. I still have this knife and look forward to giving it to my son on his first ever elk hunt. Kody Kellom: My Dad had a bow in my hand from the age of 3 and honestly I always wanted to be a bow hunter.


Born And Raised Outdoors was founded in with the vision of capturing the reality of bowhunting and the roller coaster of emotions we experience. - Help Remember Me? Results 1 to 13 of


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  1. It seems that more and more guys and gals are either starting to film their own hunts, or starting to get serious about it.

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