Square dance skirts and blouses

S-1 Shirley's Square Dance Skirt Pattern

square dance skirts and blouses

Shannon Dancing in White Bouffant Skirt and Big Pink Petticoat

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When attending a state or national convention, you will see the dancers in many different types of outfits. The most common you will see is the traditional western style dress. The men will be wearing western style trousers, with long sleeve western shirts, that match the ladies blouses. Shoes must be comfortable, be of suede or leather soles, not hard rubber that may mar or scratch the wooden floors we dance on. The ladies can purchase shoes specially made for dancing.

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Modern western square dance also called western square dance , contemporary western square dance , modern American square dance or modern square dance is one of two American types of square dancing , along with traditional square dance. As a dance form, modern western square dance grew out of traditional square dance in the American West. The term western square dance , for some, is synonymous with "cowboy dance" or traditional western square dance. Therefore, this article uses the term "modern western square dance" to describe the contemporary non-historical dance which grew out of the traditional dance. Modern western square dance, like traditional square dance, is directed by a caller. In modern western square dance the caller strings together a sequence of individual square dance calls to make a figure or sequence. These calls are the building blocks of the choreography that is danced by the individuals square dancers in the squares.

Your style is evident in the carriage of your body and the expression on your face. Look people in the eye and they will look at your smile and not your middle. Confidence is an attitude that means you are comfortable with yourself. Graciousness means that you are courteous, kind and pleasant toward others. These traits will be remembered long after people have forgotten what your dress looked like. Volumes have been written about what you should wear to look thinner.

Square Dance Skirts & Blouses

Square Dancing Grape Stompers Steve Moore Petticoat Junction Dance AUG 2019

Square Dance Items For Sale

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Square Dance Skirt & Blouse-Fashions by Bettye-S\Large-Blue with White Trim




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