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parks and rec season 3

The third season of Parks and Recreation originally aired in the United States on the NBC television network between January 20 and May 19, Like the.

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Parks and Recreation didn't come out of the gate as one of the best sitcoms of the last decade, but, over the course of seven seasons and episodes, the citizens of Pawnee, Indiana, amassed a loyal fanbase in some pretty unexpected ways. In a world packed with cynicism about government and the people that run it, the NBC comedy endures not only for being funny, but for providing hope that, with the right public servants in place especially at the local level , America can be a truly nice place to live, quirky high jinx and all. For a series as uneven yet frequently brilliant as Parks and Rec , singling out the top 25 episodes can be a challenging feat. However, if there's one thing that Leslie and the gang proved, it's that anything can be done if you just find your team and get to work. Season 1, Episode 4 A running theme throughout Parks and Recreation is the uphill battle women face trying to make it in a government largely run by men. When Leslie and Ann try to crash the guys' regular party, she opens up a gift basket filled with wine to keep the party going. What ensues is an ethical dilemma in which the audience learns just how much Leslie cares about her job.

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The fourth season of Parks and Recreation originally aired in the United States on the NBC television network, and began on September 22, , and ended on May 8, The season contained 22 episodes. As with past seasons, it focuses on Leslie Knope Amy Poehler and her staff at the parks and recreation department of the fictional Indiana town of Pawnee. However, this season features an overarching story arc, beginning in the first episode and culminating in the finale, where Leslie runs for the city council of Pawnee. The NBC airdates and ratings are listed.

We're sad that it's over, but what is the best season of Parks and Recreation that you love to go back to? It's hard to argue that Parks and Recreation isn't an amazing show, especially since it launched the careers of Chris Pratt and Aziz Ansari. It also put Nick Offerman on the map, with Ron Swanson being compared to some of the funniest TV characters of all time. T hat being said, which season is your favorite? Although the government workers go back to work, Leslie seeks to restore the budget by reviving the Pawnee Harvest Festival.

This article contains spoilers for the Parks and Recreation show. Continue at your own risk. As of this season, the series will take the Eastern time slot following The Office as part of NBC's new three-hour comedy block on Thursday nights. It was released on DVD on September 6, Leslie Knope decides to bring back the defunct Pawnee Harvest Festival , the success or failure of which will determine the financial future of the department. After weeks of planning, the festival becomes a tremendous success through Leslie's efforts. Ann Perkins and Chris Traeger briefly date, but they break up after he returns to his old job in Indianapolis.

Parks and Recreation: Season 3

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The Best Seasons of Parks and Recreation

Like the previous seasons, it focuses on Leslie Knope Amy Poehler and her staff at the parks and recreation department of the fictional Indiana town of Pawnee. All of the members of the original cast returned for the third season except Paul Schneider , who previously played city planner Mark Brendanawicz. Rob Lowe and Adam Scott , who appeared as guest stars in the second season , began season three as regular cast members playing Chris Traeger and Ben Wyatt , respectively. To accommodate Amy Poehler's pregnancy, the first six episodes of the third season were filmed immediately after season two wrapped so they could be saved for a projected September air date. However, after the episodes were finished, NBC postponed the season premiere until January to accommodate their new series, Outsourced. The third season consisted of several major story arcs, including a complete shutdown of the Pawnee government for budgetary reasons, inspired by the real-life global financial crisis.

Sign in. TV-PG 21 min Comedy. Leslie encourages Ann to go on a date with Chris so that she can ask for money for Leslie's department, while Ron, Andy, and Tom put together a two-team youth basketball league. Votes: 1, Leslie gets the flu right before an important fund-raising pitch for the Harvest Festival, Chris tries frantically to avoid catching the bug, and Ron hires Andy to replace April while she is out. A crackpot handcuffs himself to a pipe in Leslie's office and demands that "Twilight" be placed in the Pawnee Time Capsule, and Chris tries to help Andy woo April in spite of Ann's reservations. After Ron breaks up with Tom's ex-wife, he decides to get back together with his Tammy, much to everyone's horror.





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