Floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao Vs. Floyd Mayweather Social Media Beef Makes Rematch Seem Inevitable

floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao

Mayweather/Pacquiao - "AT LAST" HBO Documentary HD

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Fight fans hope it is the latter. The long-awaited bout between the pair was an epic dud, with an injury-hampered Pacquiao failing to make any impact and Mayweather riding his safety-first calling card to a snoozer of a points victory. It was a stain on the sport, yet the appetite to see it done again — but better — is real and present. Now that Pacquiao has shown he remains in fine fettle past 40, chatter about a second clash has never been stronger, despite Mayweather being retired. Pacquiao wants it — and his camp is doing everything it can to get it. I always thought that eventually Floyd would be one of our opponents again. I am still a bit embarrassed about the first fight.

Manny Pacquiao is ready to hit the ring against Floyd Mayweather again. After losing to the undefeated boxer in , Pacquiao's trainer teased chances of the boxers facing off once again, claiming Pacquiao was more than ready to bring the pain to Mayweather following his impressive win against Keith Thurman on Saturday. Roach went on to say Pacquiao and his entire team were ready to see the Filipino boxer compete against his biggest rival and potentially bring Mayweather's winning streak to an end.
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Floyd Mayweather Jr. Manny Pacquiao , billed as the Fight of the Century , or the Battle for Greatness , [1] was a professional boxing match between undefeated five-division world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. Mayweather Jr. Despite predictions that Mayweather—Pacquiao would be the highest-grossing fight in history as early as , disagreements between the two professional boxers' camps on terms for the fight prevented the bout from coming to fruition until In the Philippines, the fight was also broadcast in simulcast across three of the country's major broadcast television networks. The fight was expected to be the most lucrative in the history of professional boxing: with an initial estimate of 4.

Manny Pacquiao seemed to suggest he would be open to a rematch against Floyd Mayweather Jr. The Filipino won the WBA welterweight title on Saturday night, defeating Keith Thurman by split decision to bring his record to Mayweather, however, took exception to the coverage of the fight, accusing the year-old of "clout chasing" and dismissing Pacquiao's career. It did not take long for Pacquiao to respond with a tweet, in which he hinted if Mayweather wanted to remain relevant he would have to prove himself in the ring again. Mayweather beat Pacquiao by unanimous decision when the two collided in a much-anticipated fight in May The fight racked up a record 4.

Video: Floyd Mayweather Reveals Potential Manny Pacquiao Rematch in Saudi Arabia

It's no secret that Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao are not exactly best friends, and their latest social media back-and-forth was fueled by Pacquiao's latest victory over Keith Thurman. Before the two exchanged shots on social media on Tuesday, they exchanged shots in the ring during their pay-per-view record-breaking fight in , totaling 4.

Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao spar on social media over possibility of rematch

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Michael Benson of TalkSport shared a video in which Money said he is traveling to Saudi Arabia to discuss a possible rematch with the fighter he defeated in a highly anticipated showdown:. There is some inherent risk involved for Mayweather to take such a fight, considering he was always known for his ability to elude hard punches with lightning-quick speed. That speed may not be the same at 42 years old with only one fight since That fight was also against UFC fighter Conor McGregor, so it's not as if he squared off with someone who made a career out of boxing like Pacquiao.

With every passing day, and every seemingly scripted, but angry social media barb, a lucrative rematch between Floyd Mayweather Jr. Just days after Pacquiao won the WBA Super World Welterweight title in a thrilling split-decision victory over Keith Thurman that Mayweather attended the two men have engaged in a bit of one-upmanship on social media. Floyd Mayweather responds to all the Manny Pacquiao rematch speculation with a passionate post on Instragram. Floyd Mayweather with yet another Instagram post. The promotion toward a possible rematch with Manny Pacquiao has begun. It is unlikely either of these posts were written by the fighter's themselves. That said, it is very possible the message was conveyed to the person posting, and that came directly from the fighter.

Floyd Mayweather says a video in which he appears to suggest he will rematch Manny Pacquiao in Saudi Arabia is old, and that there is no chance he will fight the Filipino again. Boxing fans were surprised Sunday when a mysterious video began circulating on social media, in which Mayweather said he was on his way to Saudi Arabia to open talks about a second bout with Pacquiao. Pacquiao rematch," the American fighter can be heard saying in the viral video, which was not released on any of his official social media channels. But the American fighter has since been quick to shut down the footage, insisting it is in fact an old video from a previous trip. The year-old told Fight Hype : "The video that y'all been seeing is false because I went to Saudi Arabia a long time ago.


Boxing news: Floyd Mayweather responds to rumours of Manny Pacquiao rematch in Saudi Arabia





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