Sky high tiger and bunny

Sky High "Tiger & Bunny" S.H. Figuart 6" Figure

sky high tiger and bunny

Keith Goodman (?????????), alias Sky High (?????), is one of the most popular heroes in Sternbild and was "King of Heroes" for at least two years in a.

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That thing with summer and swimsuits that producer Tamura talked about in the magazine snippet we found? Well we did get characters in swimsuits in this episode, just as he promised. But no beach episode. In other words, trolled again. This week, King of Moe has his spot in the limelight.

In the fictional metropolitan city of Sternbild, superpowered humans known as "NEXT" have been appearing for the last forty-five years. Some of these "NEXT" have chosen to use their powers to become Corporate Sponsored Superheroes , fighting crime and saving lives while sporting logos on their suits and raising the profiles of their sponsors. Documenting all of this is the mega popular Reality TV show "HERO TV", which awards "Hero Points" for heroic deeds such as apprehending criminals and saving civilians, with the coveted title of "King of Heroes" going to the crimefighter with the most points at the end of the season. One such hero is Kotetsu T. Kaburagi a. Though obligated to work for the best interests of his sponsors, Kotetsu follows his own code of honour, putting his heroic responsibilities over showmanship and saving people regardless of collateral damage to public property, earning him the begrudging nickname of " Crusher for Justice ". Due to his lack of popularity, Kotetsu is forced to team up with Barnaby Brooks Jr.

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Tiger & Bunny S.H. Figuarts Sky High Action Figure

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Keith "Sky High, King of Heroes, Wind Wizard" Goodman





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  1. The Second League is composed of heroes in training meant to be the next generation of heroes, who do not get exposure on Hero TV and who are not sponsored by companies.

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