Jamie fuller and amy carnevale

Boy Meets Girl, Boy Beats Girl

jamie fuller and amy carnevale

Telling Amy's Story - Domestic Violence Documentary Trailer

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She was 15 when they met; he was scarcely older. He'd slap her routinely, she says, often in front of his mother. Once he smashed her nose with such force that blood splattered. Other times, she says, he'd stub out cigarettes on her arm. The humiliation was even worse.

But now, with a parole hearing scheduled for next month, Fuller could be freed thanks to a Supreme Court ruling that says life sentences without possibility of release are unconstitutional for teens, whose brains are not fully developed. Last year Lifetime said it had bought the film rights to a book based on the case, which shook Beverly in Fuller, then 16, lured year-old Amy Carnevale to his home on Aug. The two had dated off and on for a few years, according to a trial transcript. Fuller had been drinking and taking steroids in the months leading up to Carnevale's murder, which defense attorneys cited as a reason for his increasing jealousy and mood swings. According to the Salem News, which first reported this story, the hearing had been scheduled for Feb.

Jamie Fuller had a turbulent childhood, one marred by domestic abuse, an addicted mother, and extreme financial hardship. Fuller was convicted in the death of his girlfriend, Amy Carnevale, a fourteen-year-old cheerleader who vanished for five days before police found her body in a pond. For the most part, it appears Jamie Fuller was raised by a single mother in a low-income section of Beverly at 46 Courtney Drive. When Jamie was arrested for her murder , his father, who left the family years before, came back into his life for a while before disappearing for good. Court records indicate Jamie Fuller often saw men strike his mother violently. As a child, Jamie Fuller was a frail, quiet student, who did poorly in school and was bullied for years until he reached middle school and became an excellent student, according to a teacher. Smarter and more focused on his studies, his classmates say over the summer Jamie grew taller, gained weight, developed his muscles, and hung with a tough crowd called the Posse.

Questions about Amy Carnevale and Jamie Fuller by sissygirl Member since March How did they meet? Was Amy really pregnant? Did her parents have any idea the kind of relationship she was in? Has Jamie given any type of apology? Really any other kind of info on this case would be appreciated.

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1992 Press Photo Friends of Amy Carnevale at Jamie Fuller Trial, Boston

Dominick Sciola, 17, was on the stand in Essex Superior Court in the third day of testimony in the first-degree murder trial of his friend Jamie Fuller, 17, of Beverly, an amateur bodybuilder accused of stabbing Amy Carnevale, 14, and disposing of her body in a Beverly pond. Sciola said he was with a group of youths who went with Fuller and Carnevale on the night she was killed in Aug. He said Fuller and Carnevale went into some woods and he heard 'a couple of screams. Sciola said Fuller 'had blood on his hands and forearms and his shirt. He showed us a knife in a towel.

11/15/2008 Jamie Fuller - Eagle Court of Honor



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