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Launching attack on the orthodox church and Amharic language are always heinous. It is the means the Italians used for nothing but just to destroy the country. An outbreak of Chikungunya disease has infected 15, individuals, an Ethiopian official said on Thursday. There is no consensus among public health experts on the level of dependency on khat. A video clip of a brutal police assault on a man in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, has drawn widespread condemnation and a call for authorities to deliver justice for the victim. At least eight people were killed and nine others injured in separate cattle rustling incidents along Ethiopia-Kenyan border in Marsabit country, northern Kenya on Sunday, the police confirmed.

Friday, August 30, When activism goes awry. Ethiopia: A Country on the Brinks. It Needs…. Priyanka Chopra: Female rights are human rights. A suggestion for Alessandra Mussolini: Show some empathy for Ethiopia.

By Yilma Jawar and his cliques are utterly unscrupulous. It is perplexing for any sane person even to know what their interest is. Responsible citizens are appeasing to narrow any…. August 29, No Comment Read More. The pilgrims come in droves. They come by foot, by vehicle and by air to the many churches and monasteries scattered around the once ancient Christian kingdom of Ethiopia.

Opening Speech - Aug Wefir Harnet: Grassroot Movement to fight for the release of Tigrean political prisoners and those held with made-up charges - August Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. Click Here. As you all know, over the years, there have been many international initiatives to support Africa. When it was launched two and a half years ago

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia. By Mahmood Mamdani. Abiy Ahmed, the year-old prime minister of Ethiopia, has dazzled Africa with a volley of political reforms since his appointment in April. Abiy ended the year border war with Eritrea, released political prisoners, removed bans on dissident groups and allowed their members to return from exile, declared press freedom and granted diverse political groups the freedom to mobilize and organize. The resulting clash threatens to exacerbate competitive ethnic politics further and push the country toward an interethnic conflict. It bases key rights — to land, government jobs, representation in local and federal bodies — not on Ethiopian citizenship but on being considered ethnically indigenous in constituent ethnic states.

Opinion: Ethiopia: Fragile new-found press freedom must be buttressed in law and practice

August 26, 1 Comment Read More. More destabilizing jostling looks likely, as the Prime Minister tries to cobble together a centrist alliance. With its unprecedented public attack last month on….

1 day ago The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia has finally announced the date . Must Watch: A white TV news anchor says her black coworker 'looks.
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