Wshh questions list and answers

Can You Answer These Tricky Questions?

wshh questions list and answers

WSHH Presents "Questions" (Season 3 Episode 2: SXSW Edition)

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So you think you are smart enough and your common sense can be challenged? Try yourself with these trick questions or brain teaser questions. These will give a pretty hard time to your common sense because, most of the times, the questions are really silly and there is no correct answer to them. At other times, there is no logic behind these and the answer will make you laugh really hard. Some of the trick questions are funny while others are based on logic that you will turn a blind eye to.

Corn on the cob. Because you throw away the husk, cook the corn. Then you eat the kernels, and throw away the cob. A needle. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday.

This is a sure way to get rid of boredom and also stimulate the brain. Brighten the face of a dear friend today with these funny jokes. Q: What did the actress do when she saw her first strands of gray hair? A: She thought she would dye [die]. Q: Why did the two peanuts run away from the tough neighborhood at night? A: Because one of them was a-salted [assaulted].

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Funny Trick Questions. Show Punch Line. Answer: It is not a problem, he doesn't need to sleep during the day, he sleeps at night. How birds many were left in the tree? Answer: None - After one bird got shot, they all flew away.

100+ Funny Trick Questions and Answers Thatíll Make You Think Hard

After you learn the answers to a trick question, you begin to ask yourself how you could have missed something so easy. The truth is, most trick questions are designed to trick your mind, which is why the answers to trick questions are usually illogical and funny. Now, be honest how many of these questions tricked you?

69 Trick Questions and Answers: How Many Can You Answer Correctly?



WSHH Questions: Ep 1 - High School Edition



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