Bruce willis and samuel jackson movie

‘Die Hard 6? to Reunite Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson?

bruce willis and samuel jackson movie

Glass () is one of the most anticipated movies of and marks the 5th time when Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson will share a screen together.

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Sign in. Glass is one of the most anticipated movies of and marks the 5th time when Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson will share a screen together. Of the following collaborations between these two actors, which movie is your favorite? Discuss Here. PG 84 min Action, Comedy, Crime.

Love him or hate him, twist-ending king M. Night Shyamalan, 48, is a movie industry survivor. For his 12th movie, he brings together his trio of leading men — Bruce Willis, 63, Samuel L. Jackson , 70, and James McAvoy, McAvoy's multiple-personality sufferer Kevin Wendell Crumb from Split continues to work through mother issues while chaining up a cheerleading squad in an abandoned Philadelphia warehouse. The crazies chew the scenery but, to McAvoy's credit, one never feels the actor does.

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Let's be honest: the last two 'Die Hard' movies were almost unwatchable. There's little Fox could do to get us excited for a ' Die Hard 6 ' at this point, but what little there is to do, they're at least trying to do. Jackson , the co-stars of the last good 'Die Hard' movie. The news comes to us by way of Twitter, with a report that Fox is actively looking for 'Die Hard 6' pitches from writers and are only interested in ones that include reteaming McClane and Zeus. Now, that's far from a done deal. The script isn't even written yet, nevermind any word on the interest of both Willis and Jackson to return for another 'Die Hard' installment although, honestly, as much as we love both of these guys, they've both proven they're not above taking a job just for the paycheck. Considering 'Die Hard With a Vengeance' stands alongside the original 'Die Hard' as the only good entries in the series don't try to argue for Renny Harlin's 'Die Hard 2' , if Fox really wants to light a fire under what you'd have to consider a moribund franchise, this would be the way to do it.

Unbreakable is a American superhero thriller film written, produced, and directed by M. It is the first installment in the Unbreakable film series. In Unbreakable , a security guard named David Dunn Willis survives a horrific train crash with no injuries, leading to him discovering that he harnesses superhuman abilities, which in turn introduces him to comic book store owner Elijah Price Jackson , who uses a wheelchair. Shyamalan organized the narrative of Unbreakable to parallel a comic book's traditional three-part story structure. After settling on the origin story , Shyamalan wrote the screenplay as a speculative screenplay with Willis already set to star in the film and Jackson in mind to portray Elijah Price. Filming began in April and was completed in July.

Glass is a American psychological superhero thriller film [6] written and directed by M. Despite interest in a sequel, Touchstone Pictures opted not to finance one. Shyamalan set out to write Split using a character he had written for Unbreakable but pulled from its script due to balance issues. Shyamalan realized the opportunity he had to create a trilogy of works, and used the ending of Split to establish the film as within the Unbreakable narrative. Split was a financial and critical success, and by April , Shyamalan announced that he started the production process for Glass. Glass received "generally unfavorable reviews" from critics, [9] who found the film "disappointing" and "underwhelming". Nineteen years after the train crash and its aftermath , and three weeks after the "Horde" incident , superhuman David Dunn is now a vigilante dubbed "the Overseer" by the Internet.

Favorite Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson Collaboration

Bruce Willis is a unique force in movies. Despite these high points, his year career is also stuffed with turkeys, of which his latest collaboration with Shyamalan is the worst.


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