Grey and yellow bedroom decor

15 Chic Yellow Bedrooms That Will Put a Smile On Your Face

grey and yellow bedroom decor

Yellow Grey Rose Flower Black White Floral Canvas - Split 4 Part - 51 Inches Wide,4 Panel Canvas Prints Artwork Modern Paintings Wall Art Home Decoration Stretched and Framed Ready to Hang. I redecorated my bedroom with yellow and grey, and these sheers brought life to the room.

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On its own, however, it's a stimulating color and potentially has too much spunk for the bedroom. This bright and cheery bedroom is nearly bursting with color. Here, the pastel yellow walls provide a dreamy backdrop to the pastel peach, pink, yellow, gray, and brown throw pillows, and the peach bedding. The strong contrast of dark brown accents adds a grown-up air to the room. If your bedroom is decorated in cooler pastel tints of green, blue, purple, or gray, you'll achieve the same effect with black or silver accents.

What do you get when you combine a versatile, trendy neutral hue with a refreshing, bright color that steals the show? Surely a space that exudes refinement along with plenty of oomph! Bring these two together in the bedroom, and you have a personal retreat that is both exciting and relaxing at the same time. While gray is indeed a classy, trendy hue, it does look dull and lifeless when used on its own in the bedroom. In fact, experts suggest that a touch of a bright, invigorating shade is almost a must in bedrooms to keep away both boredom and depression. Doing precisely this is energizing yellow. And today, we take a look at 25 of the very best bedrooms draped in gray and yellow!

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Subscribe to "Homedit" on YouTube to keep up with all of our videos and shows. Yellows and grays are one of the trendiest and most popular color pairings in both fashion and interior design. And they work really well in bedrooms that have a vision of personality but also for those that would like a bit of relaxation infused in the overall ethos. View in gallery. Chevron is one of the most popular prints and one of the most youthful. Simple, chunky stripes can be cozy, homey and perfect for the master bedroom.

Ah, yellow , the most cheerful color of the rainbow. Whether it's always been your favorite, or you're just looking for bedroom color inspiration, these stylish yellow rooms are going to make you smile or at least make your interiors sunnier. So click through our fifteen favorite yellow bedrooms, from canary to honey, lemon, and marigold. We love how this bedroom boasts a bohemian feel despite the statement piece: That large-scale photograph of a traditional yellow bedroom, making it a yellow bedroom within a yellow bedroom. For a similar look, opt for a high-impact photograph of an interior that both reflects and juxtaposes your own space. And in true bohemian fashion, simply lean it against the wall instead of hanging it. This bedroom proves just how beautiful marigold can look with blue tonal color scheme.

Cheerful Sophistication: 25 Elegant Gray and Yellow Bedrooms

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