Blackstrap molasses and baking soda

Baking soda molasses protocol may cure many cancers

blackstrap molasses and baking soda

Vernon Johnston says he cured his stage IV prostate cancer with baking soda and molasses. Now what?.

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For all the latest Cayman, Caribbean and International Stories plus cartoons and puzzles. From PreventDiseases. One man claims he has found a cure for cancer and actually successfully treated his own by using baking soda. Vernon Johnston was diagnosed with stage IV aggressive prostate cancer which metastasized to his bones. He initially turned to Cesium, but ended up using a baking soda molasses protocol as a natural cure which eliminated his cancer and has worked for hundreds of others. Litmus paper may also be used along with the strips.

I have heard of it many times. The whole baking soda thing was initiated by Dr. Tullio Simoncini in Italy. While treating the yeast infection known as thrush with baking soda BS , he somehow noticed that cancer growths turned white in the same way as the thrush did, and dissolved away. I haven't read this for a while, but I believe they were skin lesions. In any event, one thing led to another, and Dr.


Even the most aggressive cancers which have metastasized have been reversed with baking soda cancer treatments. Although chemotherapy is toxic to all cells, it represents the only measure that oncologists employ in their practice to almost all cancer patients. In fact, 9 out of 10 cancer patients agree to chemotherapy first without investigating other less invasive options.

View the Digital Edition click here past issues. Clinical trials on the use of oral baking soda sodium bicarbonate for breast cancer treatments are about to start!



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  1. 2) Buy Black Strap molasses OR Organic Maple syrup, Grade B. 5) Mix 1 teaspoon baking soda & 1 teaspoon molasses/syrup in 1 cup water.

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