Are paris and nicole still friends

What went wrong with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie's friendship?

are paris and nicole still friends

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Fans of the hit reality series are begging Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie for a reunion. But now, over a decade after the show has ended, the former co-stars appear to be in a good place. Looking for more style content? Oh my god! Please please please please please please do a reboot ParisHilton nicolerichie.

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were best friends for what felt like forever. The two grew up together in Hollywood and even starred in their own reality TV show, The Simple Life , from until But as friendships sometimes go, the two drifted apart, or, more specifically, really started hating each other out of nowhere. For Nicole and Paris, it all went down in early when they abruptly stopped speaking. While it's still unclear what led to their brief falling out, it was rumored that Nicole showed Paris's infamous sex tape at a party celebrating Paris's February Saturday Night Live hosting gig.

Socialites Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were like two peas in a pod. Some would even say that it felt like these two gal pals had been friends since the dawn of time. They grew up together, after all. Sadly, all good things must come to an end But it seems as if no one really has a freaking clue about what caused these two to drift apart and start disliking each other so abruptly.

If there's one thing that reality TV lovers of the early s knows, it's that Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie go together like farmers and plows. It seems that they still have the same chemistry now, and when Hilton and Richie had a Simple Life reunion on Sunday night, fans of the show began basically begging for a reboot. It's safe to say that the feud between Richie and Hilton is beyond "dunzo," to borrow a term from Laguna Beach — a show which you might say was made possible because of The Simple Life. Even though the friends made up long ago, they noticeably haven't spent a lot of time together since The Simple Life ended in Now, it seems like she might even want to host a reboot of The Simple Life as much as everyone else does. Then in another Instagram, she posted a throwback video from The Simple Life of a time when the two silly ladies sang their unofficial theme song of a high-pitched "Sasa sanasa" while on a bus. Hilton isn't the only one who misses The Simple Life and all of the two stars' hilarious antics.

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At one point, socialites Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were like two peas “It's no big secret that Nicole and I are no longer friends,” Hilton told.
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