Who asked god to bless him and enlarge his territory

The Prayer of Jabez - 5 Inspiring Lessons

who asked god to bless him and enlarge his territory

A Fight for the Territory

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An obscure prayer made by a man named Jabez in the Old Testament of the Bible has been popularized as a powerful way to pray for blessings. Although using the prayer has its followers, there are also critics of its validity. The first 9 chapters of 1 Chronicles in the Old Testament Bible list the genealogy of the Hebrew tribes, beginning with Adam and ending with Israel's ancient return from captivity. In chapter 4, there is mention of a man named Jabez. Interrupting the long list of descendents from Adam is a short commentary about a man named Jabez in 1 Chronicles It starts by saying that he was more honorable than his brothers. It went on to say that Jabez called on God, saying,.

Who was Jabez? There is no mention of him anywhere else in the scriptures. From the context, it does appear that he was of the tribe of Judah, and some think that he was a son of Koz cf. There are other theories as to who and what he was, but our purpose here is simply to see what lessons we can learn fromthis passage of scripture. First, consider the attitude of Jabez. He was honorable. Why he was more honorable than his brothers we are not told, but it may have to do with the nature of his prayer.

Prayer Of Jabez

T he Prayer of Jabez is found in 1 Chronicles - Prayer of Jabez: What is it?





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