Nicolas cage and john travolta

Bringing Nicolas home: the world of unofficial Nicolas Cage merchandise

nicolas cage and john travolta

Hard Boiled

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They would start with an absurd, over-the-top premise—the president of the United States fighting the terrorists who had taken over his plane, say, or a team of convicts highjacking a prison-transport plane and using it for nefarious means. The director would then use that premise to string together a series of ridiculous escalating set pieces. During his Hollywood period, Woo made a grand total of six theatrically released movies before going into movie jail and eventually returning to Hong Kong, where he continues to do great work today. He shot the opening scene, with dastardly villain Cage attempting to sniper-murder virtuous supercop Travolta and killing his young son instead, like a dream, replete with tinkly music box chimes and a weird out-of-focus glaze on everything. This was the right move.

From rageon. From Etsy. To be fair, this is the last thing you need to see while walking along the hard shoulder of the M62, having found a Charmander just outside Leeds. Other Nicolas Cage themed things to pray for include an uneventful plane journey, and lustrous hair. I want to know what activities this blanket is suitable for. Certainly not building a blanket fort.

The two of them swap faces and try to murder each other for two hours. Dear Lord. This is important. So what I bring to you instead of a look back at a goofy and insane action movie of the past is a look forward at a potentially goofier and more insane action movie of the future. One that picks up two decades after the first.

Robert Downey Jr. Sign in.
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Travolta plays an FBI agent and Cage plays a terrorist , sworn enemies who assume each other's physical appearance. It is often cited to be Woo's best Hollywood film. On September 9, , FBI Special Agent Sean Archer survives an assassination attempt by freelance terrorist and homicidal sociopath Castor Troy, but the bullet penetrates Archer's chest and strikes his son Michael, killing the boy. Troy goads Archer with knowledge of a bomb located somewhere in the city set to go off in a few days, but he is knocked into an irreversible coma before Archer can learn more. Archer affirms that the threat is real, but is unable to convince Pollux to reveal where the bomb is located.

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