Queen elizabeth and prince philip wedding

A look back at the Queen and Prince Philip's glorious royal wedding

queen elizabeth and prince philip wedding

Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip first met in at the wedding of Princess Before the wedding, Prince Philip was created The Duke of Edinburgh, Earl of .

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Queen Elizabeth's marriage to Prince Philip is the longest of any British sovereign. The couple married on 20 November at Westminster Abbey, and marked their platinum wedding anniversary in By Rachel Dinning. Over 20 years later, her marriage to Prince Philip is — at 70 years long — the longest of any British sovereign, surpassing that of George III and Queen Charlotte by 13 years. It was here, reportedly, that Elizabeth fell in love with her future husband, and they later began exchanging letters. The king agreed on one condition — that the formal announcement of the engagement was delayed until Elizabeth turned 21 the following April.

Members of the royal family, including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex , have quite the role models to look to when it comes to marriage longevity — the Queen and her husband Prince Philip have been married for 71 years. The couple tied the knot back in in a beautiful royal wedding at Westminster Abbey. As she walked down the aisle on 20 November, Princess Elizabeth, who was the tenth member of the royal family to marry at the Abbey, was just 21 years old. Her handsome groom was Like Kate and Meghan, the Queen's elegant white satin dress inspired a new generation of royal wedding dresses, including that of Princess Grace of Monaco. The bride had chosen a gown by Sir Norman Hartnell, who submitted various designs; the winning creation was approved in mid-August, less than three months before the wedding.

A gallery of vintage royal wedding photos, with long-lasting royal couples then and now: Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip.
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The royal wedding weekend is finally here! A very young princess, determined to marry for love. A royal suitor "handsome as any film star" who provoked suspicion. A nation so traumatized by war that its people looked askance at extravagant weddings—and at dynastic couplings in general. This past year, audiences were enthralled as The Crown revealed the challenges faced by a young Queen Elizabeth II —but even before she succeeded to the throne of England in , Elizabeth faced obstacles in marrying the man of her choice, her distant cousin Philip.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip's 1947 wedding: A photo gallery



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  1. The wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten took place on 20 November at Princess Elizabeth met Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark in , at the wedding of Philip's cousin Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark.

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