Law and order svu drinking game

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Drinking Game

law and order svu drinking game

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On average you will use between 6 and 7 beers during a power hour. It all varies based on how full you pour your shots. Each participant needs their own shot glass, which will be used a total of 60 times over the course of the drinking game. Fill your shot glass up with beer, choose a power hour mix from our wide selection of themes and genres, and click play. Start the music, and drink every 60 seconds.

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No matter how many times I've seen each episode, I will always watch. The best part about SVU is that it's never just one episode, it's part of a marathon. Don't have or watch cable? Worry not. Now you can make every day SVUesday by streaming seasons on Netflix and the complete series on Hulu. SVU is currently in its 17th season.

Law and Order SVU Drinking Game



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