Who died drinking and driving in 13 reasons why

13 Reasons Why season 2: How did Jeff Atkins die?

who died drinking and driving in 13 reasons why

Jeff died prior to 13 Reasons Why and appeared only in flashbacks throughout . He was angry at Jeff, because he thought Jeff was drunk-driving while he told.

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There's a lot of Jeff love out there. But that wasn't an issue. Since Jeff Atkins isn't in the book, how did you make him your own? Brandon Larracuente: Dylan [Minnette, who plays the protagonist, Clay] and I met to develop the backstory for Jeff and Clay -- how Clay helps Jeff with his homework and how Jeff helps Clay talk to women. In developing the character, I had noticed that everyone was against Clay. I wanted to be different, but I also realized I was supposed to be a jock.

Everyone who has seen 13 Reasons Why is saying the same thing about our man Jeff's death Warning: Spoilers. Netflix's harrowing and heartbreaking tale of how Hannah Baker came to kill herself is a real sucker punch to the gut. While you're putting yourself back together there's one thing we really, really want to talk about. Jeff Atkins. The hero we didn't ask for, but all desperately needed.

Everyone who has seen 13 Reasons Why is saying the same thing about driver, and you should never take the risk of drinking and driving.".
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Still reeling from the loss of Jeff Atkins? So are we. With all of the flashbacks and dream sequences, 13 Reasons Why offers a lot to think about when it comes to Liberty High's star pitcher. For instance, did you realize Jeff's car accident happens prior to the events in the first episode? If you rewatch the season, you'll find Jeff only appears in Clay Jensen's flashbacks.

The recurring cast member appears throughout the first season of the Netflix drama, mainly through flashbacks. Jeff is the one who gives Clay advice on talking to Hannah Katherine Langford and is an all-around good person. He also the one who encourages Clay to dance with Hannah at the dance in what is one of the most touching moments between the two. When Clay leaves the party after Hannah gets annoyed at him when they kiss for the first time, he runs into Jeff who is about to leave to go and buy beer. Hannah, whose phone is dead, urges her to report it to police but scared of getting in trouble she drives off. Jeff is found dead in the front seat, with the beer that he had just bought to bring to the party. Fans were devastated at the loss of a character who is probably one of the only all-around nice and caring students at Liberty High.

We Need To Talk About Jeff On "13 Reasons Why"

13 Reasons Why Slammed By Car Seat Headrest

What Happened to Jeff Atkins in 13 Reasons Why?

There are a lot of dissonant opinions about 13 Reasons Why , the show that, in the three weeks since its debuted, has quickly become Netflix's most popular show on social media. But one thing a lot of people can agree on is this: JeffDeservedBetter. A star baseball player who needed more than a little help with his English homework, Jeff Atkins pushes his tutor Clay Jensen to take risks in life, especially where Hannah Baker is involved. He knows Clay likes Hannah, and coaxes his friend out of his shell as much as he can. But a painful reality sets in at episode 10 of the series: Jeff died before the school year started, in a car accident that was ruled as a drinking-and-driving accident. His death understandably affects a lot of the kids at Liberty High, especially Hannah and Sherri, who knocked over the stop sign at the intersection that would become the site of the car crash.

It is an entertaining and also informative series that takes a deep dive into heavy issues such as mental illness, bullying, sexual assault, and even suicide. Even though Jeff in 13 Reasons Why was killed in a car crash prior to the events in the show, he is still shown in flashbacks. Both of his ears are pierced with diamond or at least diamond-colored studs. He has an unlikely friendship with the main character, Clay Jensen despite being a jock. He is a student-athlete and a member of the baseball team.

Netflix's 13 Reasons Why premieres on March 31, and the series is devastating, truthful, and filled with surprises. As a fan of the original novel by Jay Asher, I thought I knew everything that was going to happen, so I totally missed all the clues that Jeff from 13 Reasons Why is dead in the present. The character doesn't exist in the novel, but he is a welcome and delightful addition to the TV series. Jeff Atkins played by Brandon Larracuente is a cool older jock whom Clay Dylan Minnette tutors in return, Jeff tutors him on how to navigate high school life. But their lovely friendship ends in a truly sad way.


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  1. With all of the flashbacks and dream sequences, 13 Reasons Why offers a lot to Moreover, Jeff's death is the one Principal Bolan and many of the to when they mention a drunk-driving incident that rocked the community.

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