Ice cube war and peace

"War & Peace Vol.1 (The War Disc)" Album Lyrics

ice cube war and peace

11. Ice Cube - The Peckin' Order

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Despite the success of Ice Cube's film Next Friday , the album's promotion was unsuccessful, and other new artists such as Eminem , Xzibit and Dr. Dre 's were on top of the charts. The album has been certified Gold. The album debuted on 3 on the Billboard with 1st week sales of , copies. It has since been certified Gold selling over , copies. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

I'm only familiar with the Preemo version, but I have to say, the combination of Dr. Dre and Kool G Rap? Doesn't really work. The only Ice Cube album I have yet to hear. Thank goodness for that I guess.

War and peace forever! War and peace together always! I'm at the highest peak, still glad the meak is understandin' me Artillery, thoughts of killin' me is just a fantasy The man in me is ready for war, like Holyfield Tyson IV A gang against you niggas on the shore Either or, your whole family is on the floor Windows breakin' all around em, you can't climb this mountain I'm at the fountain, with my troops I start screamin' at em like Patton, we gattin at you fools! Negotiate, strategy is the key! I hope they ain't, exclusively after me!

What was a surprise was how ambitious the album was. The first installment in a proposed double-disc set, The War Disc is a cacophonous, cluttered, impassioned record that nearly qualifies as a return to form. Designed as a hard-hitting record, it certainly takes no prisoners, as it moves from intense street-oriented jams to rap-metal fusions, such as the Korn -blessed "Fuck Dying," with its seething, distorted guitars. It's a head-spinning listen and, at first, it seems to be a forceful comeback. Upon closer inspection, The War Disc falters a bit. Not only does the relentless nature of the music wear a little thin, but Cube spends too much time trying to beat newcomers at their own game. His lyrical skills are still intact, but he spends way too much time boasting, particularly about material possessions, and his attempt to rechristen himself Don Mega, in a Wu -like move, simply seems awkward.

Ice Cube:War & Peace Vol. 1: The War Disc (1998)

War And Peace

War & Peace Volume 1 (The War Disc) is the fifth studio album by American rapper Ice Cube, released November 17, on Priority Records. It is the first part.
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