Who is christians father on the young and the restless

Christian Newman

who is christians father on the young and the restless

Nick fakes DNA test results, Adam is not Christian's father The Young And The Restless Spoilers

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However she continues to makes recurring appearances as a ghost to Sharon, telling her to reveal how Sully is really Christian. Sage first appears on October 28, as a mysterious woman who is following Chelsea Lawson. Sage watches Chelsea as she says goodbye to her presumed dead husband, Adam Newman in a chapel. Sage waits until Chelsea leaves and then she is seen walking into the chapel and retrieving the handkerchief Chelsea left there for Adam. Sage is later seen with Adam in an undisclosed location.

Since birth, his paternity has been a little bit complicated, and newer viewers might find themselves wondering why both Adam and Nick consider themselves the boy's father. The child of Adam and Sage Newman, Christian had quite a few different parents in his young life. Heck, the infant was also presumed dead! She hoped it was Nicholas Newman , but she had slept with Gabriel Bingham during a temporary break-up. But after he calmed down, they reconciled and agreed to raise the child together.

Candace Young. Friday, August 2nd, Michael eyes him. She hates that her past is still hanging over her head as she wonders what to do with the money. She vows not to return to the conning life. More: Young and Restless casts Connor Newman. At Society Kyle seethes when Theo proposes a bachelor party.

Sandy Anderson. She died later that day after a car accident with her son in her arms. Gabriel was the man Sage had married just hours before they came upon a burning car wreck. Gabriel died saving Adam from the wreckage. Sage did not want Adam to spend time in Genoa City but when she reported to him how Chelsea had moved on, he insisted. After Sage saved Nick Newman from a bear trap in the woods outside Constance's estate, she realized Adam knew the man and he confirmed they were half-brothers.

The Young and the Restless is an American television soap opera. It was first broadcast on March 26, , and airs on CBS. The following is a list of characters that first appeared on the soap opera in , by order of first appearance. Marco Annicelli was a primary antagonist in Victor Newman 's plan to bring down his rival, Jack Abbott. He was portrayed by Peter Bergman , who portrayed Jack at the same time.

Christian on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS ó Everything You Need to Know

He is the son of Sage Newman and Adam Newman who was presumed dead when he was stolen from the Hospital by nurse Angela Stephens under the orders of Dr. Sandy Anderson. He was given to Sharon Newman and Dylan McAvoy who mistakenly believe he is their son and are currently raising him as their own.

Christian Learns Adamís His Father, As Adam Follows Through on Threat

His revelation will forever change the life of the child as he finally discovers who his real father is, thanks to no other than Adam. Now, what he wants are his sons and he plans to do everything for them to be by his side. He managed to convince Michael Baldwin Christian LeBlanc to face Victoria Newman Amelia Heinle in court and represent him as he asks the court to grant him his rightful visits. Adam crosses the line today on YR. With Adam being him, viewers know that he always have something up his sleeve.


Christian Andrew Newman is a fictional character on The Young and the Restless. Sage had nightmares about Adam being the father of her baby, and also.
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