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red hot and blue album

Annie Lennox - Every Time We Say Goodbye (Red Hot & Blue)

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The recording was the first in the Red Hot Benefit Series. It features contemporary pop performers reinterpreting several songs of Cole Porter , and the title of the album comes from Cole Porter's musical Red, Hot and Blue.
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Yet its emotional tone remains as piercing as ever: a mix of fierce despair and numbness, where desire is inevitably linked with decay. It's a combination we are unlikely to see again, and not only because of the advances in AIDS treatment. Today, a look back is especially relevant, given the shift in areas of public tolerance. In the current music scene, anything goes — except aging and sickness, those last two taboos of pop. The subject of this album is bleak love: not the kind you can wallow in, but a lacerating pain which might be associated with illness and desertion. He would come up with sweet, smart euphemisms for longing and deliver them with flippant charm, as if nothing personal was at stake. Far from superficial, that courtly appearance was what made life livable, easing the searing images of loneliness in "Down in the Depths" and "Night and Day".

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Cole Porter did not die of AIDS, but he is generally acknowledged to have been at least bisexual, which seems to be the justification for assembling an AIDS charity album in which contemporary artists perform songs he wrote in the s, '30s, '40s, and '50s. Leading off the album, Neneh Cherry demonstrates how far that can be from traditional approaches to Porter 's music. No wonder the album booklet makes a point of printing Porter 's words to the songs as written, since in some cases that's the only place they can be found. And there are tracks in which the artists have taken the opposite tack, going for re-creations of styles from decades past. But most of the time, the artists just sound like themselves. Sometimes, the artists' familiar styles play into emotional statements of the Porter lyrics, such as with Annie Lennox 's torchy "Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye" and k. Like most various-artists albums and most tribute albums, this one is wildly uneven; like most charity albums, it's in the service of a good cause.

Cole Porter in the Age of AIDS: The 25th Anniversary of 'Red Hot + Blue'

Lisa Stansfield ~ ''Down In The Depths'' [Red Hot & Blue]



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