The role of instructional materials in teaching and learning

Teaching aids and Instructional materials- tools for teachers and students

the role of instructional materials in teaching and learning

Instructional material for teaching and learning purposes

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A truism often heard in teaching is that if you have not learned, I have not taught. A reasonable conclusion then is that the importance of instructional materials in teaching and learning integrated science is most effectively illustrated through student achievement results. The Biological Sciences Curriculum Study BSCS asserts that students come to the science classroom with many misconceptions to correct for proper scientific learning to progress. Schools should base instructional materials on fundamental scientific concepts and principles, which serve to align students' understanding with current knowledge and teach them to monitor and control their own thought processes to facilitate learning. The BSCS advocates group work and inquiry-based activities. Teachers who take the time to provide instructional materials and options that take into account the different ways students receive and express knowledge, are more likely to see their students succeed. Science classrooms should provide a variety of audio, visual and print input methods depending on student need; allow students the flexibility to communicate their knowledge in ways that displays their true learning.

From the findings, it was discovered that instructional materials in the teaching of subjects so as to enhance the promotion of learning among pupils towards improved yearly performance and daily use. Research has proved beyond questions that learning is more effective when as many serve as possible are used and of all the serve sight is powerful. The need, therefore to present information to students visually as well as verbally is now generally accepted.
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The researcher formulated three research questions to direct the study after a review of relevant and related literature in chapter two. The investigator, in his design, adopted the descriptive survey design which studied samples of both large and small populations to discover the relative incidence. The instrument for data collection was a fifteen-item questionnaire and information coded therein was analyzed using the simple percentage. From the analysis some results were arrived at and based on the results and findings, recommendations were made:. The public should be aware of the uses of instructional materials which will aid in the understanding of social studies;. Emphasis must be placed on instructional materials inorder to inculcate the spirit of learning social studies; and finally, government and non-governmental agencies should assist in the provision of instructional materials for effective teaching and learning of social studies in secondary schools.

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Importance of Instructional Materials in Teaching & Learning Integrated Science

The aim of this research work is to find out the role of instructional materials in the teaching of computer science in junior secondary schools, using all junior secondary schools in egor local government area of edo state as a case study. A total of students were used on this study., Psychologists, designers, educationalists, and many professors around the world work on improving the quality of education because a lot depends on the education of a whole generation.


What are Instructional Materials? Man learns through his senses. Some learn better by one or the other of the senses. To some, seeing is believing and to others, the senses of hearing, touch, smell and taste dominate in the acquisition of knowledge. For the intended learning to take place, the teacher must communicate effectively to the learner. The best way of helping pupils to learn is to bring them face to face with the world which education intends to introduce to them.





this study proposes that aspects of how teachers and students use instructional materials for effective teaching and learning processes need to be examined.
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