Law and order svu maternal instincts

'Law & Order: SVU' recap: 'Maternal Instinct'

law and order svu maternal instincts

Law and Order SVU 17x06 Promo "Maternal Instincts" (HD)

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Thought that this was a good episode, and I am really digging the season thus far. That being said, the writers are setting up a LOT of arcs to deal with as almost every episode is ending or nearly ending with unanswered questions. Thanks again chris for the recap, I thought it was a very good episode til the ending. Chris, I honestly don't like that you are always looking at something negative to say about Amanda. I'm really trying to understand what you have against her. Yes, she shouldn't have have tried to solve this herself, but it's not like she was trying to get her sister off. That being said, this was a really good episode.

Robert Downey Jr. Sign in. The two-time Golden Globe nominee David Oyelowo has an awards-worthy list of must-see shows. See if you're caught up on his picks. Watch now.

Fin Tutuola. After 17 seasons, she's in a class of her own. It was announced at the end of the sixteenth season that star Danny Pino who portrayed Detective Nick Amaro would be departing the cast; however, the producers did not kill off his character, leaving open the possibility of a return. Leight said to The Hollywood Reporter on character departures, "I try to leave that door open. I would like to be able to bring [Pino] back. At this point, it depends on where he is and what he's doing and what the story needs. That's one of the advantages of not killing a character that you like.

I'm halfway through this episode and I can't understand how Rollins hasn't been fired. Rollins knows exactly the type of girl her sister is, and she knew that there was no way her sister was coming in voluntarily. She actively hid evidence in violation of her position. S If the cops could have found her hooker sister and probably gotten the truth out of her, and not ever have charged the guy with rape I feel like involuntary intoxication would be a defense. I realize the flute player is an ass for cheating on his wife, but that doesn't mean he should have to deal with being charged with a crime he shouldn't have been charged with because Rollins wanted to play happy family with someone she KNOWS damn well is unstable and has no problems breaking the law and running away.

Detective Rollins Kelli Giddish is the first to receive news that a world-famous violinist has been raped inside a swanky, four-star Manhattan hotel. The case seems pretty open and shut especially as video emerges of Anton Krasnikov Zach McGowan walking naked through the hotel and forcing his way into the room of fellow musician Alessandra Bay Elizabeth A. But Anton says he would never have committed the crime unless he was drugged by the prostitute he slept with the night of the attack. Finn Ice T. Benson Mariska Hargitay while she works to find her sister. By now, Benson has figured out that something is up.

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Rollins's mother Beth throws her a baby shower while the SVU reports to a four-star hotel where a famous violinist was raped by her colleague, Anton Krasnikov. - Robert Downey Jr.


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