Egg and lemon face mask

Please, Please Don't Try These Semidangerous DIY Beauty Hacks

egg and lemon face mask

Whiten SKIN with EggWhite + Lemon DIY Peel-Off Mask (for flawless, clearer & Acne Free Skin)

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In the first few months of my last pregnancy my skin wen haywire. It was breaking out more than it ever had before and nothing I put on it seemed to help. So I started using this mask and after a few applications my skin had calmed down significantly. I continued to use it a few times a week and several months later, about to be exact, my skin rarely broke out anymore and all of my previously acquired acne scars were completely gone. Why, you may wonder?

For all you natural beauties, on a budget or otherwise, the egg white lemon face mask combo is all you need to control oily skin and keep the acne away. You must have heard of store bought pore-tightening toners with lemon as a major ingredient and acne facial masks with egg white in it. Forget about those chemical laden products and simply whip up this incredible easy egg white lemon face mask yourself. Egg white contains multi-vitamins and enzymes which are potent in clearing off acne and shrinking large pores. Check out some nutrients in egg white and their benefits for skin:. Lemon has the amazing citrus power which is just great for oily and acneic skin.

In a clean mixing bowl, whisk together the egg white and lemon juice until the mixture becomes frothy. The lemon juice masks the odour of the.
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DIY Brightening and Tightening Face Mask

It all started when my sister called me about trying a new charcoal mask. So I sent her this amazing mask to test. My sister is a smart girl.

Are egg white face masks good for your skin?

Egg white is great for tightening and toning skin. It works wonders for greasy skin by shrinking large pores on the skin surface, thereby reducing excess sebum. Large pores are also potential breeding grounds for bacteria that cause bulbous zits and cysts, which means pore-tightening egg white can help reduce acne. Additionally, egg white contains an ingredient known as lysozyme , an enzyme that kills acne-causing bacteria by digesting their cell walls. Egg white has been used in face mask recipes since ancient times, especially in Asia, to achieve beautiful radiant skin. You can make a mask with egg white alone, or you can add in other powerful ingredients to provide more nourishing benefits to your skin.







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