Kim jong un weight and height

How Old is Kim Jung Un, His Height, Weight, Net Worth and Family Facts

kim jong un weight and height

Kim Jong-un Height, Weight, Age, Family, Full Biography ??GaramMasala EntertainmenT??

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Much has been made of the leader since he took over for his father in following his death. Those include issues brought on by his weight and smoking. Read More From Heavy. Kim Jung-un suffered from health concerns in late after he was absent from the public for almost a month, missing a number of important events he typically attends. The officials said that Kim Jong-un has suffered a number of ankle sprains that were then worsened by walking more, leading to fractures. The leader was forced to undergo a number of medical procedures to repair the ankle injuries, and he re-emerged with a noticeable limp and, on some occasions, wielding a cane. The shoes made him appear that he was actually around 5-foot

Kim is the second child of Kim Jong-il , the country's second leader from to , and Ko Yong-hui Forbes magazine ranked Kim as the 46th most powerful person in the world in and the third highest amongst Koreans after Ban Ki-moon and Lee Kun-hee. A follow-up meeting in Hanoi in February ended abruptly without an agreement. North Korean authorities and state-run media have stated that Kim's birthdate was 8 January , [19] but South Korean intelligence officials believe the actual date is a year later. Kim Jong-un was the second of three children Ko Yong-hui bore to Kim Jong-il; his elder brother Kim Jong-chul was born in , while his younger sister, Kim Yo-jong , is believed to have been born in All the children of Kim Jong-il are said to have lived in Switzerland, as well as the mother of the two youngest sons, who lived in Geneva for some time. Authorities confirmed that a North Korean student from North Korea attended the school from to

There are conflicting reports on the actual date of birth of Kim Jung Un. What is not disputed is that he was born in North Korea as the second child of three children to his mother, Ko Yong-hui, an opera singer and domestic partner of Kim Jong-il. Some reports say that he was educated at a private school located in Gumligen, outside the city of Bern, Switzerland, while another says he went to a state school in Koniz, a town also located near Bern. After Switzerland, Kim Jong-un returned to Pyongyang to attend an officer-training school, the Kim Il-sung University from to After assuming power in December following the death of his father, Kim Jung Un became the most powerful man in the secret and secluded Korean nation. He has since that time been able to amass for himself a huge net worth which is estimated to be around 5 billion US dollars with Forbes Magazine ranking him as the 46th most powerful person in the world. Basketballer Dennis Rodman has said he owns a private island that is like Ibiza in which he resides alone.

An accurate image of or detail about North Korean leader Kim Jong Un could provide some important clues about his health and other physical characteristics. If Kim were in seriously bad health, for instance, it would raise questions about his leadership and the line of succession in Pyongyang. But more mundane-seeming details are also being devoured. Until his unannounced trip to Beijing in March, there was no indication he had even left the country since taking over from his late father in That means virtually all the images and video of Kim scoured by foreign analysts since he took power have come from North Korean state media.


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