Search between bear crater and a refrigerator shipment

Fortnite search between a bear, crater and refrigerator shipment: Week 8 challenge guide

search between bear crater and a refrigerator shipment

Search between a Bear, Crater, and a Refrigerator Shipment Location

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The task to ' Search between a bear, crater, and a refrigerator shipment ' is one of the more enigmatic Fortnite Week 8 Challenges , if not one of the more mysterious challenges in the whole of Season 4. In this Fortnite Week 8 Treasure guide , we'll be walking you through exactly how to complete the Fortnite Week 8 Search Between challenge , the latest in the series of long running treasure-themed challenges in the game. Firstly, we should mention that you can find a complete list of all six additional challenges for the week over on our Fortnite Week 8 Challenges guide. Here, you can find a complete list of how to complete all seven challenges for the week, so you can work your way closer to both the Hidden Challenge and the Blockbuster Challenge for the week. Kudos to Epic for keeping some challenges a secret until the last minute. The final resting point of the treasure star can be located just southeast of Retail Row.

The Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges for Week 8 are now available, and as anyone who regularly plays Fortnite will know there's the usual treasure hunt to complete on the Fortnite map. This week's quest relies on your knowledge of the landscape, as you need to search between a bear, crater, and a refrigerator shipment to find your prize - some hidden Battle Stars to boost your Fortnite Season 4 rank by a whole tier and get you one step closer to the big prizes at the top. The area between a bear, crater, and a refrigerator shipment can be found south east of Retail Row. Look on the map for the crater by the racetrack and a triangle of trees and you'll be in the right ball park. The exact location is highlighted on that map above.

Here's a guide on how to complete the "Search between a bear, crater, and a refrigerator shipment" challenge. So it would appear that our working theory that the Gnomes will be placed in locations around the map near to food stores turned out to be bang on the money. We've spotted a couple of Gnomes they look like every other Gnome in the game in food-related areas on the map. You'll know you're close. Click on the link further down for more help. Fortnite Battle Royale's Week 8 Challenges are now live and are confirmed to be the exact list of challenges previously linked by the Fortnite Tracker earlier this week. This also includes the mysterious 'Search 7 Hungry Gnomes' challenge, but for the next few minutes, everyone is only just learning what the challenge actually entails.

Search Between Bear, Crater & Refrigerator Shipment - Fortnite BR

It's week 8 of Fortnite season 4's challenges and we are here to help you complete them. In particular, here's a guide on where to search between a bear, crater and a refrigerator shipment.

Search between a bear, crater, and a refrigerator shipment: Fortnite Week 8 challenge

Sometimes they give players a hint by revealing a special map, but this time around, they just let us know where we should be searching. If you want to quickly find this spot and claim your weekly Battle Star, then follow our quick guide below. In order to locate this week's Battle Star, you need to go to the eastern part of the map , where the racing track is located. The Crater to which the developers have been hinting is the exact same crater situated right near the race track. Then, if you move to the west from the crater and down the hill, you will see a giant statue of a Bear with a backpack greeting all those visitors driving through this area.


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