And it breaks my heart

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and it breaks my heart

And it breaks my heart. And it breaks my heart [Chorus] And it breaks my heart. Well, it breaks my heart [Verse 2] Suppose I never ever met you.

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The song is taken from the band's fourth studio album Come an' Get It , and was written by the band's vocalist, founder and leader David Coverdale. The song peaked at number 17 on the UK Singles Chart. The song starts with Jon Lord 's organs, along with Neil Murray driving bass playing. Soon the guitars enter along with emotional yet heavy lyrics delivered by David Coverdale. According to Coverdale, both this and " Fool for Your Loving " were inspired by the end of Coverdale's first marriage.

What breaks your heart? What does your soul long for? And, how is that connected to how you are living your life now? I wanted to share it with you today because I believe this is a question that applies to all of us. And, I also believe that the answer lies deep within each and every one of us. I deeply believe that each of us is here to move humanity forward.

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I have spent the afternoon in my study with my heart breaking. I really can't explain why. I think it ought to be required reading for everyone born in the South or the North for that matter. I'm not sure why my heart breaks when I read this book. I think God uses it to open up closed spaces of my soul, to remind me there are things worth crying over when I slow down long enough to think about them. It breaks my heart when I see folks hating on each other. I've seen the hate on the streets, in the aisles at Walmart, at church business meetings, even on the tongues of people I love when they talk about the new people who moved in next door.

It breaks my heart . . .



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