Difference between cod and haddock

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difference between cod and haddock

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I've noticed when you go into many fish and chips restaurants and takeaways in the UK, they offer several different types of fish. Some that I've noticed on the menus are Cod, Plaice, Haddock and Dover Sole which is always the most expensive - so I'm guessing it's the best quality fish. Can someone shed some light on what the differences are and which are best for fish and chips. If fish and chips is on a menu in the US, it is normally some kind of processed cod - we don't have a choice. I prefer Haddock. But then I hate Cod.

Haddock and Cod are two of the most popular of the white fish. Everyone loves these favorites, especially during the summertime, and cooked in so many different ways. Both are cold water fish, found mostly in the deep cold waters off the North Atlantic coast. Both are great for baking casseroles. Eating white fish has extremely positive health benefits.

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They are incredibly similar because both the haddock and cod are part of the same kin. They are both part of a large cold water fish family that includes other types of fish such and Pollock and hake. These are found in the North Atlantic mostly. Haddock lives in deeper waters than the cod, and cod lives more to the North than haddock, so they are both captured in different areas. Cod has a green-brown skin, while the haddock is more black and gray. From the perspective of a cook, they are both different and in a professional kitchen, it is almost a crime to mistake one for the other. Cod fillet is usually appreciate in a lot of countries because it is thicker and firmer, with a clean and mild flavor attached to it — perfect to go along with proper seasoning.

The haddock and the cod are two dissimilar fish species. The former is said to be slightly firmer than the latter. However, being the same kind of large-flaked white fish means that they almost taste the same. No wonder many easily get confused in distinguishing one from the other. These other dorsal fins are also more angular in nature among haddocks.

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