The difference between magma and lava

Difference between Magma and Lava

the difference between magma and lava

What is difference between Lava & Magma

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All rights reserved. Hawaii's Kilauea volcano keeps erupting with syrupy lava flows, serving as a fiery reminder of nature's destructive power. But as the ongoing eruption captures headlines, a question might occur to you: What's the difference between magma and lava? The distinction between magma and lava is all about location. When geologists refer to magma , they're talking about molten rock that's still trapped underground. If this molten rock makes it to the surface and keeps flowing like a liquid, it's called lava.

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Lava is magma that reaches the surface of our planet through a volcano vent. Skip to main content. Climate Sea Levels Why will sea level rise not be the same everywhere? How can we date corals? Geology and Tectonics Geology How do we know the age of the seafloor? Why is the seafloor so recent and the continental crust so old?

5 Differences Between Lava and Magma

What is Lava? Hawaiian Volcanoes Molten Lava Flow

Volcanoes are ranked as one of the most powerful natural phenomena observed on Earth.
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