Grayson dolan and james charles

Are James Charles & The Dolan Twins Friends Again? He Says Fans Are Wrong About The Drama

grayson dolan and james charles

BEST FRIENDS BUY EACH OTHER DREAM GIFTS! Ft. James Charles & Emma Chamberlain

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As usual, the pals' close friendships have prompted fans to create tons of rumors, both rational and irrational. Fans have also speculated that Ethan and Emma are a couple, but a relationship between Grayson and James is more popular as of late. The rumor was finally put to rest when the Dolan twins, who began their rise as Internet personalities on Vine, hooked each other up to a polygraph test and asked one another a series of personal questions provided by fans. The almost minute long video starts out with Grayson and Dolan telling viewers how nervous they are to let a machine determine if they are telling the truth. Grayson took the test first.

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. James sipped his drink and watched Grayson take him in. The skin tight shorts, the crop top that showed the spattering of freckles on his sides, the way his legs crossed and the fishnets looked sinful against his skin: he was a vision and it felt like Grayson had never left him. Ethan knew they were just rumors but rumors can't make you like someone, rumors don't make you feel something for someone, rumors don't make you fall in love. Putting a hand over his mouth, he stifled a sob.

They're the best of friends who have been constantly plagued with speculation about their actual relationships - with each other. There have been rumours circulating that Ethan and Emma are dating for ages, and so naturally, rumours have also started cropping up about Grayson Dolan and James Charles. But so far, sadly, no relationships have been confirmed by anyone. People started speculating about Grayson and James earlier this year, when stans started analysing and making conspiracy videos about their body language and relationship. But in a recent lie detector test video posted by the Dolan Twins, Grayson has officially squashed the rumours and set the record straight. In the video, the twins asked each other a range of deep and personal questions while hooked up to professional lie-detecting equipment.

I'm Jamie. I'm a year-old millennial, and I would very much like to be friends with this gaggle of teenage YouTube celebrities. Full disclosure, I'm slow to the pickup with YouTube celebs most of the time. I know all about James Charles because — hi, sister — I follow his makeup advice like it's my religion. I've only recently learned about the Dolan brothers and Emma Chamberlain, but I'm obviously all in on the full Sister Squad. So, I can empathize with their fans who are shook right now. But also

However, after all this, I reeeeeaaaally don't see them banding together again. James was the one who introduced the Dolan Twins and Emma. After the success of their first collab — which amassed almost 60 million views across their three channels — the Sister Squad was BORN! They regularly did collabs every couple of months, so this five-plus-month hiatus was noticed by the fans. Dressing each other up in outfits is pretty canon for the Sister Squad, so when the subscribers saw this video go up on their channel, they knew something was up. Could this, perhaps, be for a Sister Squad video sans James?? Only time will tell.

Together, the four friends, who sometimes post videos as a group, have over 30 million subscribers, and their joint videos have millions of views. These "sisters" have gone on spooky haunts , purchased expensive gifts for each other , gone on road trips together , and much more. Whether they're spilling the tea or just eating massive amounts of food for a mukbang video , the genuine love and friendship among Sister Squad members is palpable through the computer screen. But their close friendship isn't without its fair share of drama, and there was a bit of controversy with one of the sisters reportedly leaving the squad…. Feeling out of the loop? Well, listen up, sisters!

Emma Chamberlain Unfollowed The Dolan Twins & James Charles, So Sister Squad Fans Are Shook


The untold truth of the Sister Squad





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