Rock and roll express wrestling

WWE Rumours: Rock 'n' Roll Express to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame 2017 class

rock and roll express wrestling

Rock & Roll Express vs Ric Flair & Arn Anderson Main Event Feb 18th, 1990

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Morton was trained by his father, Paul, and Ken Lucas before starting wrestling in His first match was against Ken Wayne. Because of his small stature and good looks, he was usually made the " Face in Peril", meaning he would be the one to take most of the punishment in the matches to get the fans behind the team. He was also the one that always suffered a humiliation or "injury" to further the storyline the team would be involved in. Nowadays, this is sometimes referred to as "Playing Ricky Morton". They traded the title again with the Russians and lost them to their hated rivals the Midnight Express on February 2, during Superstars on the Superstation due to their manager , Jim Cornette. Cornette used his tennis racket on Robert to help his team win.

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The Rock 'n' Roll Express

Rock 'n' Roll Express

The Rock N' Roll Express. Combining sex appeal with youthful energy and real work ethic, the duo of Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson were one of the most popular tag teams of the s. Riding high in Jim Crockett Promotions, Ricky and Robert earned their stripes in the main event, selling tickets and making the women scream. They were The Beatles of professional wrestling. I loved them. I did.

They also feuded with the Four Horsemen.,



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