J cole and 21 savage

21 Savage, J. Coles A Lot is Stuck Between Heaven and Hell

j cole and 21 savage

Kodak Black - Pimpin Ain't Eazy [Official Music Video]


In September, J. Cole was forced to reschedule his Dreamville Festival due to Hurricane Florence, but now the official line-up for the inaugural event has been revealed. D among others. Additional highlights will include a photo booth, sand sculpture and vendor area which spotlights merchants native to North Carolina. The festival represents an opportunity for J. Scroll below for the full list of acts.

There is a devastating sadness to 21 Savage and J. Those are sad as well, but that imagery is so ingrained in the black experience that one learns to exist with that consistent hum. The symbol is effective because as quickly as the Norman Rockwell-esque images of a black family sitting around the table appear, the illusion shatters. In its wake comes reality. One family member is shot, another is in jail, a third is dying and they all seem to be coping under the weight of institutional forces baked into existence.

The song features North Carolina rapper J. Cole , though he only appears in the streaming and digital versions, as well as later CD pressings. Speaking to The Breakfast Club radio show, 21 Savage recalled how the song came about after him and J. Cole first met at the Made in America Festival in ; [5] the two exhanged cellphone numbers and a random text from Cole ended up in a studio session. He took the song with him back home to Raleigh, 'cause he drove [

How much money you got? Fuckin' around with these thots a lot. Penitentiary chances just to make a couple bucks My heart so cold I could put it in my cup Gang vs. The world, me and my dawg, it was us Then you went and wrote a statement, and that really fucked me up My brother lost his life and it turned me to a beast My brother got life and it turned me to the streets I been through the storm and it turned me to a g But the other side was sunny, I get paid to rap on beats. Fuck around with these thots a lot.

21 Savage and J. Cole Showcase the Ups & Downs Of Life in Powerful 'A Lot' Video: Watch

How much money you got? -


a lot (feat. J. Cole)





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