Bands like of monsters and men

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bands like of monsters and men

Find similar artists to Of Monsters and Men and discover new music. Scrobble The band consists of Marcus Mumford (lead vocals, electric guitar, read more.

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In preparation for Mikhail Gorbachev's historic summit in , Icelandic authorities built a new road connecting Reykjavik to the smaller city of Keflavik. It's dead straight, except at one point where it veers off to avoid a large rock in its path. Civil engineers took care not to move the rock, a local promoter told me, "because the pixies put it there". The best thing about Icelanders is you're never quite sure when they're having you on. This is a constant source of amusement.

Published July 19, Over the past ten years, the two, along with their three bandmates, have achieved something most can only dream of. When asked what type of music she was listening to at that time, the songstress immediately blushes. Raggi, on the other hand, is a born and bred city boy. Nanna rolls her eyes.

Of Monsters and Men

Icelandic Bands: Of Monsters and Men

By Sean Maunier on August 1, Trying to reproduce its success rarely pays off, but going too far in the other direction carries its own risks, not to mention the potential for alienating legions of overnight fans. Although it would be impossible to mistake Fever Dream for the work of another band, it is clear from the first single that we are in for a very different album here. Unfortunately, the energy and bombast of the opener is lost as subsequent tracks fail to live up to its promise. Some of the magic is recaptured later in the album as they recover some of their energy. Unsurprisingly, the vocals are one of the great redeeming features of the album. While the more daring vocals are an undeniable strength of the album, they are often hard to notice, crowded out by excessive production and in a couple instances even inexplicably distorted with autotune that adds little to the track.

A lthough we write a lot of information for people visiting Iceland we are a travel blog after all , every now and then we like to discuss other aspects of the country such as its history, culture, and everyday life on our small Nordic island. Often referred to as OMAM by their legions of fans, the five-number group out of Reykjavik is a band you should definitely know. Of Monsters and Men is quite socially aware. The camera then pans across the faces of various refugees of different ethnicities currently living in Iceland and receiving assistance from the Red Cross. Of Monsters and Men chooses not to do that and instead tries to help by keeping refugees as a part of our collective consciousness. They also set up an International Red Cross donation page where their fans can give to the cause.

Of Monsters and Men signifies a new generation of Icelandic hitmakers; like their predecessors before them, the band has defied what is expected from the Icelandic music scene, having released two successful studio albums and fostered a loyal international fanbase. To claim Of Monsters and Men surprised their audiences is something of an understatement. Their almost-overnight-success was, by all stretches of the imagination, regarded as an impossibility by observers of the industry; after all, the band had six members who were barely out of their teens and routinely utilised such off-kilter instruments as the accordion and trumpet. Perhaps most surprising of all was how Iceland — a country of only , people — had, once again, produced a small group of artists capable of taking the planet by storm. This is a band that, so far, has felt no compulsion to challenge the listener, nor darken them with long and emotive instrumentals; OMAM are here to create clap-your-hand, jovial tracks, and thus bring some warmth to the often cool and dramatic tones so familiar in the Icelandic music scene. Credit: Of Monsters and Men Facebook. When I started out, I was writing songs and really focused on writing, and I really loved that.

You think you know the Icelandic band Of Monsters and Men, but you have no idea. Within the first minute of their new single 'Alligator' you'll be wondering if this huge anthem is the brainchild of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs fronting Arcade Fire — all thumping drums, brimming guitars and a call-to- arms chorus about taking control., Its lead single " Little Talks " was an international success, reaching the Top 10 in most music charts in Europe, including No. Raggi came up with the band name, Of Monsters and Men, and everyone else liked it, so it stuck.

Music Review: ‘Fever Dream’ by Of Monsters and Men

Join Songkick to track Of Monsters and Men and get concert alerts when they play near you. Of Monsters and Men. Of Monsters and Men with Lower Dens. See all upcoming concerts Of Monsters and Men have found international success outside of their native Iceland, topping the charts in several countries around the world following the release of their debut album in


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