Bella and charlie fanfiction lemon

bella and charlie fanfiction lemon

Walking Dead - Rated: M - English - Angst/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 38 - Words: , - Reviews: 44 Charlie X Bella no complaining about the pairing.


Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight or any of its characters. I just borrowed them! This story contains Incest and Graphic consensual sexual content so I'm warning anyone who's not comfortable with one or the other, or both! Don't read if it's not your thing! God, I was horny! My pussy throbbed and pulsed and the need was almost palpable as I lay stark naked on my bed. I wanted a big, fat cock in me so bad!

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sort: Category. Slightly AU and Malami inspired me with some ideas. Merle comes home unexpectedly to witness something he can't believe is really happening. How will he react? Loosely based on my other story Daryl's Story but some details are different. Contains graphic child abuse sexual - please don't read if you are sensitive to this.

Story Story Writer Forum Community.
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Your comments did not go on deaf ears. I heard y'all. And damn, that last chapter was popular. I never got so many reviews and messages from that chapter than any other ones before. Thanks guys! I love you all!

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sort: Category.

Funny story, as I was writing the latest chapter, I decided to be stupid and spill tea all over my laptop. Guess what. It crashed and burned. I have no backups to any of my works. Well, I now have a laptop again and I am going to update a real chapter soon. Also, chapter updates are going to be slow again because I'm working two jobs and going to school.

Charlie threw his head back and moaned at the delicious feeling of his daughter's mouth on him, he closed his eyes and was in pure bliss. He was having some private bonding with his daughter when his wife Renee was out shopping. It had been weeks and it was driving him crazy to not touch her. He remembers the first time they were alone. Renee had said that he should spend more one to one time with his daughter before in a year times she would be off to college. Talking to Bella in her bedroom about spending time with her, it was that moment that Bella had confess her forbidden feelings for him.

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My mom had plans to go visit a friend out of state for the weekend, which only meant one thing: Phil would be visiting. I took a shower, making sure to shave everywhere, put lotion on, and pulled on just a robe to wear. Charlie and Phil came into my room and it was a full two minutes where I assumed they were undressing before the blankets were pulled from my body, exposing me to them. I grunted at the coldness that met my body but didn't 'wake', except, rolling onto my stomach and spreading my legs slightly. Two groans were the response I got. I smirked into the pillow and waited for the hands that I knew would grace my body.

So I had gotten lazy with this story and then I read the reviews and decided that I wanted to remove Rene from the story September 13, at pm Isabella Marie Swan was born. Her parents were happily married and felt like they were living the perfect life. Charlie Swan was living a good life, he had the perfect wife and a beautiful daughter, he had a good paying job and at the age of 19, he felt that he has been doing everything right the way his parents had told him too. Five years as passed and Charlie, his wife Rene, and his five year old daughter was celebrating her birthday at their new home with some of their friends. Charlie decided that he wanted to move away a bit farther into the woods because he loves it, also because Rene hated neighbors and she loves walking around naked and whenever the sun is out she likes to lay around naked So Charlie had no problem building a new home in the woods. The house is painted red and white.


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