My dog is gagging and throwing up white foam

What to Do If Your Dog Is Vomiting White Foam

my dog is gagging and throwing up white foam

Nauseous and Vomiting Dog

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Adrienne is a certified dog trainer, former veterinary assistant, and the author of "Brain Training for Dogs. Your dog starts coughing, and then, finally, he coughs up a white, foamy liquid. What is happening? Like humans, dogs cough to clear their throats. They cough to clear the respiratory tract and get rid of irritants, secretions, foreign particles, viruses, fungi, and bacteria. The mechanism of coughing in humans and dogs is also the same: there's a fast inhalation, followed by an exhalation, accompanied by a strong release of air. In humans, coughing may be voluntary or involuntary.

No dog owner ever wants to see their furry companion in pain. After all, dog owners view their pets as just another member of the family and will do anything to keep them as healthy as possible. Unfortunately, sometimes taking care of a pet is not always easy, especially if they fall ill with a sickness or are in any form of visible discomfort. Although they may not be able to communicate that to you, you can still tell when your pup is not feeling at their best. You can tell your dog is suffering by their body language and symptoms, but what could be the cause? They may be lethargic, vomiting, or have a loss of appetite.

Customer Service for Subscribers. Is your dog vomiting white foam? Why is your dog vomiting white foam? Eating a foreign object can lead to an upset stomach, indigestion or intestinal blockages, all of which might reasonably point to a dog vomiting white foam. With the exception of dog toys, small, loose objects should be kept well out of the reach of indoor dogs.

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Spitting Up White Foam in Dogs

When a dog is spitting up white foam, it generally means that he is either vomiting or coughing up white foamy matter. And, he could be doing so as a result of several conditions, some of which are serious while others are of less concern.

Why Is My Dog Coughing Up Foam?

To sustain this free service, we receive affiliate commissions via some of our links. Our review process. Aside from the hassle of having to clean it up, should you be concerned when your dog spits up white foam? However, sometimes it could require a visit to your vet for your dog, especially if they have other symptoms. It could be that your dog ate too much grass, wolfed down their food or ate and drank excessively right after exercising. Is your dog vomiting white foam in the morning before eating?



6 Reasons Why a Dog Vomits White Foam

Dog Throwing Up White Foam: Don't Panic!





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  1. Don't panic if your dog throws up white foam. It's likely normal, but it helps to know more serious conditions to watch out for.

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