Nys thruway exits and tolls

New York State Roads - New York State Thruway Exit List

nys thruway exits and tolls

10 I 87 South Woodbury Toll Plaza New York Thruway

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Gerry Flint has collected tolls for 40 years on a mile highway that crosses New York State. But he does more than just count money and make change. He gives directions to lost drivers, offers hotel and restaurant tips and keeps watch for vehicles wanted by the State Police. Regular commuters know him by name. Soon he will lose his job, yet another casualty of advancing technology. Flint will be replaced next year by a cashless tolling system that automatically charges vehicles equipped with an E-ZPass reader, or snaps a license-plate photo to bill by mail. The technology has meant the end of a way of life for more than 1, toll workers along the length of the New York State Thruway.

Scroll down to see an interactive map of NYS Thruway rest stops and travel plazas. If you've ever been driving on the New York State Thruway and needed a snack or coffee break, you've probably wondered: "What's at the next rest stop on the Thruway? It's easier to stop at restaurants, gas stations or coffee shops on the side of the highway itself, rather than get off at an exit and be forced to collect tickets and pay tolls again. Plus, all "food-and-fuel centers" are open 24 hours daily and include gas, diesel fuel, bathrooms, ATMs and free Wi-Fi Internet service. Below is a map and list of all the travel plazas and rest stops along the Thruway:. Finger Lakes is No.

The ticketed system consists of approximately miles of roadway between exits 15 Woodbury and exit 61 Ripley - Pennsylvania Line as well as exits B1 - B3 Berkshire Spur. In , more than million vehicles traveled on the ticketed system, accounting for more than 6. Construction is scheduled to begin across the Thruway system in late summer or early fall with the installation of gantries and cashless tolling equipment. Vehicles with E-ZPass tags are automatically charged and vehicles without E-ZPass tags will have their license plate image captured and a toll bill mailed to the registered owner. Customers who pay using Tolls By Mail will pay the same toll rate previously paid by cash customers, and E-ZPass customers with New York accounts will continue to receive a 5-percent discount.

The first section, from Rochester to Lowell NY 26 opened in and the mainline is nearly miles long. The New York State Canal Corporation, Cross-Westchester Expressway, and Interstate 84 were added to the Thruway system in when toll collection was extended after the bonds were paid off. County line signs are not posted on the mainline, Berkshire Extension, or the Niagara section. Exit 5 Central Park Avenue Yonkers. Exit 7 Ardsley. Exit 8 East Rye White Plains. Exit 9 Tarrytown Sleepy Hollow.

Dewey Thruway and colloquially " the Thruway " is a system of controlled-access highways spanning The A tolled highway connecting the major cities of New York was first proposed as early as the s. The first section of the Thruway, between Utica and Rochester , opened on June 24, The remainder of the mainline and many of its spurs connecting to highways in other states and provinces were built in the s.

It provides access to the lineup of Thruway exits and travel plazas, along with alerts and more than traffic cameras. We tried the app out today for a few minutes and it's smooth. The listing of travel plazas including what amenities are at each plaza and easy access to traffic camera pics could be helpful. It also lists the parking pull-off areas between plazas, which is nice. A few things could be better.

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A total of 52 Thruway interchanges will be eliminated along all miles of road between Exit 15 in Woodbury and Exit 61 at the Pennsylvania state line. Exits B1-B3, along the Berkshire Spur, are included in the plan. The tollbooths in Catskill and Coxsackie will eventually be removed, but local officials said they have not been told when that will happen. The switch to cashless tolling and the removal of tollbooths will be carried out by the contractor Cashless Tolling Constructors, LLC. Cuomo first announced the plan to move to cashless tolling in his State of the State address. The first step will be for the Thruway Authority to install gantries and cashless tolling equipment.

Syracuse, N. Thruway drivers will still pay tolls after the new system is activated before the end of The contract requires the system is switched on across the state by the end of Andrew Cuomo said today in a news release. That includes exits in the Central New York and Syracuse area. That group is made up of:. First, the new system will be installed and turned on all at once.

I am planning a trip to Halifax, NS for July. We will pass through New York going and coming back and I'm trying to figure out how much total my toll costs are going to be.

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