Space saver washer and dryer

Space Saving 2.6 cu. ft. Portable Washer & 3.6 cu. ft. 120V Portable Electric Dryer

space saver washer and dryer

Pros and Cons of the LG All in One Washer Dryer Combo #WM3488HS

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Yes, you can buy a small washing machine and dryer for your laundry facility. In fact, you can get compact versions of both or a combo machine that is both washer and dryer. Another option is a stackable set which takes up a smaller footprint as well. If you are worried about stained and smelly clothing when you are not at home, this might be a good option for you. No, you might not take it to work with you, but it certainly works well for road trips or little vacations. It can be easily connected to any sink for the ultimate in versatility. It weighs around 40 pounds, making it surprisingly lightweight for a washer.

When it comes to laundry, few all-in-one washer dryers compare to the GE Spacemaker. It contains all of the washing and drying programs expected of standard appliances, wrapped into a compact and stacked package. Separating the washer and dryer lets you run both appliances at once, maximizing the efficiency of your laundry time without taking up too much space in your home. There are several reasons the GE Spacemaker is one of the best washer dryer combos on the market. First, it contains a moisture sensor, a critical feature in saving energy and preventing damage to clothes caused by over-drying. Second, it offers a capacity of 3. Third, it uses nine wash programs and four drying settings for individualized laundry care.

Best Compact: Bosch 24 in. Compact Washer at Home Depot. For a high-quality, top-rated washing machine that you can stack, the GE High-Efficiency Front Load Washer with steam is a worthwhile investment. This Energy Star-certified appliance comes with a host of helpful features, and with the help of a stacking kit, you can place a compatible dryer on top of it to save space. Busy households will get a kick out of its minute washing cycle so more laundry can get done in less time. The added steam feature on the washer also helps get deep stains think grass, dirt, and more out with less hassle.

A solid inch washer with a reputation for reliability and helpful customer service, plus a shorter wash time, and a fast spin cycle to dry clothes faster. Bosch is a laundry heavyweight in Europe, where this style is the norm, and the company has a reputation for making sturdy, effective, efficient machines backed by helpful customer service. The washer is the most affordable compact with an accelerated wash cycle, significantly cutting cycle times. The dryer is a ventless condenser model, and the washer can piggyback off its power supply, so you need only one outlet for the pair. This washer gets excellent reviews for cleaning and can plug into a regular outlet, but seems to have more reliability problems. This ventless condenser dryer can run off of its own power supply—no need to hook up to the washer. I started writing about appliances in for Reviewed.

The Best Compact Washer and Dryer for a Small Apartment

If you have a small laundry space, a desire for a second washer and dryer solution in a large home, or you want to replace a strangely shaped and outdated laundry setup, a compact washer and dryer might be perfect for your needs. These smaller, more space-efficient apartment size washer and dryer combos offer a range of benefits over their larger counterparts. Your laundry room or laundry closet is extremely small.


These smaller, more space-efficient apartment size washer and dryer combos offer a range of benefits over their larger counterparts.
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