I hate the moor and it is thought abroad

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i hate the moor and it is thought abroad

In his first soliloquy, Iago says: “It is thought abroad that 'twixt my sheets / He has done my office” (onettechnologiesindia.com–). This is one of the reasons that Iago gives for.


I came across this scene and thought it would make for an excellent topic to discuss on this blog. But for my sport and profit. He holds me well; The better shall my purpose work on him. This is the text from the scene that we watched, where Iago first admits how he deeply despises Othello. In this monologue Iago talks about how he plans on using Roderigo to help him get what he wants.

Indeed, they are disproportioned. My letters say a hundred and seven galleys. And mine a hundred and forty. And mine, two hundred. But though they jump not on a just account— As in these cases, where the aim reports 'Tis oft with difference—yet do they all confirm A Turkish fleet, and bearing up to Cyprus. And mine say two hundred.

Watching this monologue after re-reading it, with the same exact lines obviously , had a much larger impact than reading. These are crucial things missing in my opinion. It gave it a completely different power than I gave it reading the text. Every line followed with a different emphasis in the movie, and I could feel the hate growing from each sentence to another. Furthermore, the game at the end of this scene was very interesting. A great metaphor of him coming in between their relationship which is limited in texts.

In this three-part series of blog posts, I will discuss Othello 's characters and plot, and how to more efficiently and successfully read Shakespeare in general. Your thoughts about Emilia were really unique and insight when it comes to Iago's quest for power--at any and all cost.
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She has deceived her father, and may thee. Brabantio perpetuates a pretty unfair stereotype of young women in these lines — he suggests that since Desdemona has "deceived her father" by running off to elope with Othello, she'll probably "deceive" her new husband too. The idea is that an unruly daughter will make an unruly and promiscuous wife. Compare this to 3. I know not if't be true, But I, for mere suspicion in that kind, Will do as if for surety. We discuss this passage in " Jealousy ," but it's important to the theme of marriage as well.

Othello: The Realest Man in Venice

"I Hate The Moor," Othello - Act1 Scene3 - Read by Jeff Vitkuske







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  1. But for my sport and profit. I hate the Moor,. And it is thought abroad that 'twixt my sheets. He's done my office. I know not if 't be true,. But I, for mere suspicion.

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