Neo queen serenity and king endymion

Neo-Queen Serenity

neo queen serenity and king endymion

Neo-Queen Serenity is the queen of Crystal Tokyo as well as all of Earth in the thirtieth century. She is the beloved wife of King Endymion and the mother of.

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She is the beloved wife of King Endymion and the mother of Small Lady. She wears an altered version of the dress she wore as a princess, with the shoulder pieces omitted and a large, wing-shaped bow replacing the smaller one of the princess outfit. Her blonde hair is much longer. She also wears a crown and new earrings. The crescent moon is always visible on her forehead, just as it was with her princess form.

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I really hope we get to see them get married in Crystal. I just finished this watercolor painting too, I hope you like it. Hello everyone! Princess Mars here! I wanted to apologize for not being active, there has been a lot happening on my end. Anywho , I wanted to make it up to you by sharing a piece I recently finished of the king and queens daughter Chibiusa with Helios! Please let me know what you think, and feel free to share it :.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 21 King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity

The future royal family is gracing the cover of the 11th Blu-ray volume of the Sailor Moon Crystal series. Source: Comic Natalie. - Please be aware that pages which are not given such a chance before this template is removed will be protected until an experienced editor is available to work on the page. She is the future version of Princess Serenity.

neo queen serenity and king endymion

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  1. Neo-Queen Serenity is the Queen of Crystal Tokyo, the future version of Tokyo. She is the Her husband is the future version of Prince Endymion, King Endymion.

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