Sarah geronimo and john lloyd cruz

Flashback! Sarah Geronimo vs John Lloyd Cruz in ‘It Takes a Man and a Woman’

sarah geronimo and john lloyd cruz

And John Lloyd Cruz acknowledged that his friendship with "Finally Found Someone" co-star Sarah Geronimo could have blossomed into.

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Still a bit jumpy, Sarah replied, "Naku, iyan po ay hindi ko naman din masasagot, kasi siyempre, magpi-premiere night pa lang tonight, so, gusto ko naman manggaling sa kanila yun, ayokong manggaling sa akin. In showbiz, the word has become a must for any love team to succeed. Decades ago, popular love teams would create gimmicks just to win over the fans. Publicity went to the extent of making the public believe a relationship thrived on and off-cam. But these days, Pinoys prefer the real thing over gimmickry.

All photos by Erickson dela Cruz. Laida returns from abroad to take her place in the Montenegro group of companies as a successful executive, now on the same level in the company as Miggy. Tensions arise as Laida is forced to work with Miggy and his new girlfriend. Miggy has to deal with the new Laida, who is fiercer, bolder and more competitive. Watch the trailer of 'It Takes a Man and a Woman' here:.

The film is directed by Theodore Boborol.
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Laida Magtalas is a modern-day Belle. Laida revels working in such close proximity with the man of her dreams. The film opens with Laida starting out her day for a job interview with Flippage, owned and manage by her crush Miguel "Miggy" Montenegro. In the middle of the chaos Laida was hired on the spot after she presented Miggy with coffee left by an attendant who also walked out after being screamed at. By some stroke of luck, Laida lands the job. Laida remains blinded to the fact that the Miggy of her dreams is very different from the real one.

There is an idea that mixing two opposite things can either result in absolute magic or absolute disaster, and no one is more opposite than John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo. Geronimo, on one hand, is that natural good girl. She can glam to the nines like a goddess, kill any range of vocal gymnastics while also acing complicated dance moves in teetering heels. But behind that Sasha Fierce-ness lies the essential Sarah: less a diva and more a reserved, sweet, and sincere young woman, clearly steeped in traditional Filipino values. She has a quiet positivity about her, not being preachy while exuding an essence of gratitude for her lot in life; a quality that comes through in her bright smile and timid gestures.

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