Farewell to manzanar chapter 16 19 questions and answers

Farewell to Manzanar

farewell to manzanar chapter 16 19 questions and answers

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In her later life, Wakatsuki concedes that Papa was right to protest her being baptized at a young age. At the time of his refusal, however, Jeanne cannot forgive him and feels herself drifting farther and farther away from him. One sister was saved by a blood transfusion from Woody, but the other bled to death. Eleanor is in her second day of labor, and Mama and Papa take turns sitting with her. On the afternoon of the second day, Mama runs across the firebreak, a patch of cleared land, shouting for Papa. Papa is afraid and runs to meet her, but the news is good: Eleanor has given birth to a boy.

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As the time nears for the Wakatsuki family to return to Los Angeles from Manzanar, Papa Wakatsuki decides that they will return to Los Angeles in a car, on his own, in style, not on the bus. Mama tries to talk him out of it, but his pride is too great to take the bus. He walks to the nearby town of Lone Pine and returns with a blue Nash. It takes three trips and four days to get the nine members of the Wakatsuki family and all their acquired possessions to Los Angeles. Papa is drunk on his first real whiskey all the way to Los Angeles.

Farewell to Manzanar - Chapter 19, Re-Entry Summary & Analysis

All rights reserved. The answers start to come through a major Supreme Court case called Ex Parte Endo , the last of three key cases about the camps. The first case was about a Nisei student from U of Washington— Gordon Hirabayashi —who challenged the evacuation order and violated the curfew that all West Coast Japanese had to follow back in

All rights reserved. To get all the kids and all their stuff to Long Beach, Papa ends up making three—yes, three—trips back and forth. The whole move takes four days. Jeanne goes with her dad on the first trip to Los Angeles, which ends up being kind of a wild ride since he's drunk most of the way. By the time they hit the city though, Papa is tense and sober—they all are because they're fearing the worst.




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  1. Describe the first two Supreme Court cases involving the camps. The first Supreme Court case was a man named Gordon Hirabayashi, he had violated curfew. The second case was Fred Korematsu, who didn't move to Manzanar.

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