Andy dwyer and april ludgate

Parks And Recreation Quiz: How Well Do You Know April Ludgate?

andy dwyer and april ludgate

When April was only nice to Andy, even before they started dating: .. Here Are 23 Times April Ludgate Melted Your Heart And Even Made You.

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Before he was guarding the galaxy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and fighting rogue dinosaurs in the Jurassic World movies, Chris Pratt was known for a very different role that was worlds away from his current action hero image. Andy grew a lot over the seven seasons of the show. Ok, he didn't exactly grow up but his character developed a lot. At the beginning of the series, he was a deadbeat loser but, by the end, he had a loving family and a successful career. Hey, if Andy can do it, so can you. But how well do you remember Andy Dwyer's life? Can you remember Mouse Rat's songs back to front?

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Ben Wyatt is living a quiet, routine life until one event turns everything upside-down. There's so many different ways to say "I love you," but there's a few in particular that April and Andy enjoy more than others. Chapters originally written for a Tumblr Smut Drabble Meme. Most others from tumblr prompts.

This article contains spoilers for the Parks and Recreation show. Continue at your own risk. At the beginning of the series, she is an apathetic college student with a rather dark sense of humor and is Ron Swanson 's assistant. Her alter egos are Janet Snakehole and Judy Hitler. She is portrayed by Aubrey Plaza. April Ludgate is a college student who starts out working as an intern in the Pawnee parks and recreation department. April is extremely disinterested in the job, and acts very dryly and sarcastically around her co-workers.

April Ludgate

I think one of the reasons I love Parks and Rec so much is that the couples actually seem to like each other and work through their issues as partners. Originally posted by pottergerms. Originally posted by hannahbeanna. Pepper: She made us stop by headquarters to drop something off for Loki. She had a real bad crush on him! Originally posted by lanadillrey. Originally posted by brahitzaribella.

Fans of the show have watched the unconventional couple fall in love and be overall weirdos together for seven seasons. But we wouldn't have them any other way. Sure, there's Leslie and Ben, a totally awesome power couple who like waffles and calzones respectively in spades.

Aubrey Plaza: April Ludgate

She later becomes the Deputy Director of Animal Control. April, along with Plaza's performance, garnered universal acclaim and has gained popularity for her goth-like behavior and deadpan -style comedy. April Ludgate is a college student who starts out working as an intern in the Pawnee parks and recreation department. April is extremely uninterested in the job, regularly napping at her desk and texting constantly, and acts very dry and sarcastic around her co-workers. She was assigned the internship because she overslept on intern sign-up date, which she blamed on her sister Natalie for not waking her up. April was responsible for uploading the staff bios onto the Pawnee parks and recreation site, [6] and she jokingly made a fictional bio for herself that reads as follows:.

Parks and Recreation didn't come out of the gate as one of the best sitcoms of the last decade, but, over the course of seven seasons and episodes, the citizens of Pawnee, Indiana, amassed a loyal fanbase in some pretty unexpected ways. In a world packed with cynicism about government and the people that run it, the NBC comedy endures not only for being funny, but for providing hope that, with the right public servants in place especially at the local level , America can be a truly nice place to live, quirky high jinx and all. For a series as uneven yet frequently brilliant as Parks and Rec , singling out the top 25 episodes can be a challenging feat. However, if there's one thing that Leslie and the gang proved, it's that anything can be done if you just find your team and get to work. Season 1, Episode 4 A running theme throughout Parks and Recreation is the uphill battle women face trying to make it in a government largely run by men. When Leslie and Ann try to crash the guys' regular party, she opens up a gift basket filled with wine to keep the party going.


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  1. April Roberta Ludgate-Dwyer (nee Ludgate) is a fictional character in the NBC In order to remain close to Andy, April volunteers to work as Ron's assistant in.

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