My dog is out of control and untrainable

Video: Why is My Dog Hyper and Crazy and Out of Control?

my dog is out of control and untrainable

My Dog Is Out Of Control And Untrainable!? What Do I Do?


This post may contain affiliate links. We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. We have a 7 month old Bichon Maltese mix puppy…potty training is going very badly. We do everything that is recommended. We use a crate. We reward her after she does her business outside.

Control is the absolute first step in the training process. When a teacher has a classroom full of students she gains control of them by having them sit in their assigned seats. Now she has them under control she can effectively and efficiently teach them. I see so many people trying to train their dog without gaining any form of control first which make the process way more difficult and 10 times as long. A leash on a dog is control. The reason I swear by this technique is because it works SO well.

The young dog was jumping, mouthing hard, and bodyslamming. Reprimands made her behavior worse. How do you handle an out-of-control teen? And, man, has she stopped being cute. If they push her away she bodyslams them and grabs their arms. This dog is on the slippery slope to the animal shelter. Enter … me!

When bad habits refuse to budge, pet owners can wind up feeling frustrated, exhausted and defeated. The solution may be as simple as changing your approach to training. For some dogs, even the smallest shift in the training process can make a big difference in your success. Here are seven of my favorite strategies for stubborn dogs. Go slowly.

My Dog Is Out Of Control And Untrainable!? What Do I Do?



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