Standard bar height and depth

Breakfast bar overhang, what is standard depth?

standard bar height and depth

Standard Height for Bar Stool Counter Top

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The most common height for a bar top, whether it is a kitchen breakfast bar, a basement wet bar, or a commercial bar down at the corner pub is inches. Standard conventions support the inch bar height. Most pre-made backsplashes are four to six inches tall. When that height is added to the standard countertop height , the backsplash can slip underneath the overhang of the finished bar top for a smooth transition. The optimal and most ergonomic height for a top that services both the seated and standing user is 42 inches.

When you're considering your "overhang" distance, don't confuse the overall depth of the countertop with the actual knee space underneath. Several other comments have mentioned it, but just remember you have to subtract about 7. That's assuming a 6" wall and a 1" overhang towards the sink. Franky, a " overall depth works well for a bar top 24" if you have the space would be considered very deep. The concern with a larger overhang is supporting the overhang with structural corbels. Typical bartops are 12" - 18" overall, but when you have the luxury of designing your own, I think is great. I'm having a breakfast nook made and the countertop overhang will be 15" without a cabinet underneath.

The short wall facing you at the end of the bar is very important. It keeps the bar from tipping over. How do you make the bar stable so it does not tip over when people lean against it?
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Many of our customers are planning a kitchen makeover or redesigning a bar area, and so we often get asked what the ideal overhang is for their bar. In this article we discuss what an overhang is and what to consider when designing your own. The overhang of a kitchen island or purpose built bar is the amount of countertop that extends beyond the body of the actual bar. It may simply be used for visual effect or it can be extended to accommodate bar stools and create a seating area. A typical kitchen worktop is naturally fitted with a 2cm 0.

A wet bar in your home creates a central area for entertaining guests. Most homeowners can build wet bars themselves, although plumbing modifications should be handled by a professional. There are standards for wet bar height and dimensions in place to ensure the bar is convenient to use. Knowing what these are helps homeowners plan a wet bar that works for their needs. The standard height of a finished bar, which includes the countertop material and the body of the bar, should be 42 inches. The standard depth of wet bar countertop takes a couple of factors into consideration.

Standard Bar Dimensions & Specifications

What is the Optimal Bar Top Height?




That height is appropriate for guests standing or sitting on standard bar stools. The depth should be 20 to 30 inches, depending on available space in the room, .
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