Different types of behavior in psychology and their meaning

What is psychology and what does it involve?

different types of behavior in psychology and their meaning

Oct 25, These behaviors have salient characteristics. In this post, I will be discussing the different types of behavior and their corresponding.

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A study on human behavior has revealed that 90 percent of the population In studying Psychology, there are 8 types of behavior that a Psych student . What is a comprehensive definition of human behavior in psychology?.
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Interacting with people is usually difficult and confusing. Fortunately, you can find only three main types of behaviors which people show once they interact with people. As a result, it makes plenty of sense to first learn these 3 behaviors; therefore that it could be easier to know and interact with every type of behavior that someone might show. The last known frequent type of behavior is named assertive behavior. Assertive people are typically direct, honest, empathic of others, confident and respect others and themselves. When you look at people, there are typically four different types and we can call them STAR.

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People behave differently. This makes us unique. The way we act reflects who we are. In psychology , our observable acts are called behavior. However, behavior has different types.

Types of behaviors, Types of Behaviors in Psychology, Passive Aggressive Behavior

Behavioral communication

Behavioral Communication is defined as a psychological construct which influences individual differences in the expression of feelings , needs, and thoughts as a substitute for more direct and open communication. Any behavior or its absence when one is expected may be judged as communicative if it has the intent to convey a message. For example, an expressive hairstyle, a show of a certain emotion, or simply doing or not doing the dishes all can be means by which people may convey messages to each other. The construct of behavioral communication is conceived as a variable of Individual differences. This means that some people more than others tend to engage in indirect or behavioral communication, whether consciously doing so, unconsciously doing so, in spite of the different alternatives of using verbal communication. It is rare that someone utilizes all one behavioral communication style, all of the time.







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