Why a car will go in reverse and not forward


why a car will go in reverse and not forward

The failure of some internal components can be the cause too. The car will reverse but not go forward because of worn out solenoids, clutches, or gears.

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Typically, when a car will move in reverse, but not in forward, the transmission is having issues. The reverse clutch in the transmission may have become dislodged. When the reverse clutch within the transmission freezes up, it prevents the vehicle from going into any gear other than reverse. This can be caused from problem, such as poor maintenance, lack of transmission fluid and overheating. Other things can cause a transmission to become stuck in a gear, including using the incorrect type of fluid or having shift cables that need adjustment. The first step in diagnosing the problem is to check the fluid level. If the fluid is low, car owners should fill it to the proper level.

Jun 26, Blog , Transmissions. If your car is only moving when in reverse, then there is undoubtedly something wrong with your transmission or another component that affects its operation. While your vehicle is inoperable, take some time to learn about the possible causes of the issue and how the certified transmission experts at one of our locally owned AAMCO Colorado locations can help! Our mechanics specialize in fixing troublesome transmissions and can help you to diagnose your issue in no time. Not quite sure what location is closed to you? Take a look at our locations page to and enter your zip code to find the closest AAMCO certified transmission expert near you! This directs the fluid into the valve body which engages the desired gear.

There could be many issues causing your car to only move in reverse including low transmission fluid, a faulty solenoid, or even issues with.
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Two weeks ago the check engine light came on. The car continued to drive fine but the remote starter would not function. The check engine light went out remote starter now works and 2 days later the car would not drive in forward gear. The gear shift will go into all the positions, but the only gear that will engage is the Reverse gear. I tried to get a problem code with a OBD2 reader but no code was displayed on the reader. Possibly because I had disconnected the battery when the problem first started and the computer was reset.

My car will start and go in reverse but will not drive. What does this mean?

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If you are driving an automatic transmission vehicle and it can only go in reverse, you may have a serious transmission issue that can only be solved by a mechanic. However, some transmission problems can be fixed by the novice do-it-yourself mechanic. Typically, when a vehicle is losing one or more gears, it is most likely a problem with your transmission or gear shifter. If the problem lies with the inner parts of the transmission, you will need to have it serviced or replaced by a professional mechanic who specializes in transmission repair. Once your vehicle has warmed up, check the transmission fluid level by removing the transmission dipstick, wiping it clean and reinserting it into the dipstick check.

Owning a car is just like having a baby. It requires handling with care, regular checkups , and immediate action when a problem arises. But, there are some troubles that come without any warning. One such vexing issue is car wont move in drive but will in reverse. Transmissions , especially, the automatic transmission only goes in reverse in the event of the failure or damage of a component in the system. It could also be a fault with the speed sensor.

Car will drive in Reverse but not Forward.

Asked by justdashing1 Oct 04, at PM. Chances are real good that the trans has gone bye bye, there a number of vehicles out there that have a transmission control solenoid pack that can go bad and cause the same problem. Check to see if the fluid smells burnt, if it does then it is most likely bad. GuruVZ answered about a year ago. My car is a Chevy Cobalt it only goes reverse but not forward wat can it be. My expedition will not move in drive, 2, 3 gear but it will go in reverse. Is this the transmission or the linkage?

But sometimes, you may encounter an issue that causes one or more of the gears to malfunction. The reverse gear in particular, is easy to take for granted. Many drivers car enthusiasts in particular like to back into a parking space before they park. If you have a low amount of transmission fluid in your vehicle, you could have problems reversing your vehicle. Low transmission fluid can cause all kinds of problems with the gears, such as gear slippage, shifting problems, and overheated gears. If the transmission fluid is low, top off the fluid to see if that fixes the problem and look for signs of a transmission fluid leak. In cases of having low fluid, you will likely experience shifting problems with other gears as well.



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  1. Your engine seems to be operating correctly and when you step on the gas pedal or try to shift into gear your transmission does not react.

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