I got a massage and now my back hurts

Is it normal to feel Sore After Massages? What did the massage therapist do to me?

i got a massage and now my back hurts

I have been paying attention to this topic for 19 years now. . Massage Therapy for Neck Pain, Chest Pain, Arm Pain, and Upper Back Pain.

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But things can go wrong, or at least a bit sour. While serious side effects in massage therapy are extremely rare, minor side effects are downright common. The massages they were getting must have been quite gentle. Benefits for musculoskeletal problems were not documented. You could probably do several studies of patients without encountering a single nasty situation. But what if you surveyed 1, patients?

For most of us, the answer is probably 'yes', since massage is non-invasive and considered very low risk for most people. In addition to physical benefits, certain types of massage have been shown to help psychologically via relaxation and increased production of 'feel good' chemicals that the body naturally produces endorphins --helpful for people with both acute back problems and chronic back pain. This newsletter describes why massage may be right for you. Research shows that massage therapy has several potential health benefits for back pain sufferers, including:. Many healthcare providers say they will encourage their patients to pursue massage therapy in addition to medical treatment. If appropriate, you may want to ask your physician for a referral to a massage therapy professional in your area. Although massage is relatively safe, it is always advisable for patients to first check with their doctor before beginning massage therapy or any other treatment.

Researchers at the Arizona May Clinic have found that excessive focal pressure to the neck and shoulder area can damage the spinal accessory nerve, which was not previously recognized as a cause of injury to the nerve. The spinal accessory nerve is a small nerve traveling in the back side of the upper shoulder area. To illustrate the dangers of deep massage to the neck and shoulder area a healthy year-old woman found it difficult to lift her left arm and experienced shoulder pain after a massage. When the pain and limited arm movement persisted she visited her doctor who used electromyography EMG to confirm injury to her spinal accessory nerve. The researchers suggest that anyone experiencing pain or shoulder weakness, after a massage, should consider a visit to their physician to determine if nerve damage is the cause of their symptoms , which can be determined with an EMG test. Next post: Pain relief from oral spray. I had a massage in November that caused nerve damage.

See how a disc degenerates and how it can cause pain and other symptoms. I am trying to see if somebody in the group has come across or suffered similar issue and pick their brain on how to resolve. I went for a deep tissue massage 3 months back, I had no back issues but just wanted to try it for general relaxation. I feel I have wound like feeling around those points, and feel like somebody is pushing me from behind. My left side of back is always stiff. I can't walk much or sit too long.

Elements Massage Mar 8, Eyes open slowly, blinking periodically to adjust for a new day. Did I lift weights in my sleep? You think that surely something must be wrong. For your muscles, getting a deep-tissue massage is similar to experiencing a tough workout. They got stretched and manipulated during the session, and the massage increased blood circulation to your tight spots. The lining of our muscles is supposed to be smooth, and work fluidly.

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