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Mendocino County officials showed this photo of the Hart children to jurors as two days of testimony came to a close Thursday. It took less than one hour for the jury to unanimously conclude that their two mothers had killed them. Photo courtesy of Mendocino County Sheriff's Offic. Jennifer and Sarah Hart moved their six adopted children to Oregon after teachers in Minnesota repeatedly reported signs of abuse. They left Oregon for Washington four years later, after fearing they might lose their children. They packed up their children and fled one final time three hours after a Washington social worker knocked on their door.

Support our work. Recent reports from child-welfare workers reveal that the white adoptive parents of six abused Black children was a perfect storm of narcissism and twisted racial fantasy. Last week, dozens of pages of reports from child-welfare officials were released that offer harrowing details of the abuse that six Black children suffered at the hands of their adoptive white parents, Jennifer and Sarah Hart, in Washington State. Markis, 19, Jeremiah, 14, Abigail, 14, and Ciera, 12, are all confirmed dead; Devonte, 15, and Hannah, 16, remain missing, but are feared dead. But while the report provides a lot of disturbing details about the degree of physical and emotional abuse, it poses more questions than offers answers, and paints a gruesome portrait of the parents, who beat and starved and gaslighted their children before murdering them all, and committing suicide. The child-welfare reports revealed that officials in Minnesota, Oregon, and Washington State recorded incidents of neglect and abuse, and people in their communities noticed there was something off. School officials witnessed this.

Jennifer Hart drove hundreds of thousands of miles with her six children in tow. On their final trip, she drove the family's SUV off a jagged California cliff. She, her wife and all six children are known or presumed dead. Police investigators called the crash intentional. The painstaking task of piecing together what happened may never lead to answers. The reason Jen Hart drove off the cliff remains the central mystery. The portrait that emerged is a woman who was smart, spontaneous and sometimes contradictory.

An inquest was held in the deaths of the Hart couple and their six children — Markis, 19, Hannah, 16, Abigail, 14, Devonte, 15, Jeremiah, 14, and Sierra, 12 — who were pronounced dead after their vehicle was discovered at the bottom of a foot cliff in Mendocino County, about miles north of San Francisco, on March 26, Forensic pathologist Greg Pizarro testified on Wednesday that Jennifer Hart had a blood alcohol level of 0. Hart, who was driving the SUV at the time of the crash, was the only one wearing a seatbelt in the vehicle.
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After Jennifer Hart drunkenly drove a sport utility vehicle straight off a foot cliff on the Northern California coast late last month, taking her life and those of her wife and their adopted children, at least two searches began. One was for the missing bodies; another was for answers. How, those who knew the Harts wondered, could a family that looked so happy and normal in photos have hidden such a dark life from public view? Dozens of pages of reports released this week by child welfare officials offer some clues. Taken together they paint a portrait of a pair of mothers — one dictatorial and eccentric, the other constantly working and seldom home — who doled out cruel punishments and perennially withheld food from their six children. In the Hart household, any act of insubordination could be severely punished.

At p. She had spotted something jarring: a brown sport-utility vehicle, upside down, in the Pacific Ocean. When Highway Patrol officers arrived, they found the S. Jennifer Hart was at the wheel, and her wife, Sarah Hart, was trapped between the roof and the seats in the back. Both were dead. Devonte, 15, is still considered to be missing, but is presumed dead. Jennifer, 38, had been drunk at the time of the crash , and Sarah, 38, and two of their children had in their systems a significant amount of an antihistamine that can cause drowsiness, law enforcement officials said.

Bodies of Sarah and Jennifer Hart Were Unrecognizable After SUV Plummeted Off Cliff: Expert

A special coroner's jury in Mendocino County determined the the March deaths were murder-suicide., The remains of two of the other children, aged 12 to 19, were found later, and the remains of one child, year-old Devonte Hart, have still not been recovered, though he has been declared legally dead, Mendocino Sheriff-Coroner Tom Allman told PEOPLE. Sarah had toxic levels of Benadryl in her system at the time of the crash, and Jennifer was the only family member wearing a seat belt, as was revealed at the inquest.

'Maybe We Didn’t Know Them At All?' Hart Family Friend Speaks Out After Jury Verdict

The Hart family crash was a murder-suicide by Jennifer and Sarah Hart, who caused the deaths of their six adopted children during a SUV crash in California. Jennifer and Sarah Hart were residents of Woodland, Washington and had six adopted children. Prior to adopting their six adopted children, Jennifer and Sarah Hart were foster parents to a 15 year old girl. Devonte, 15, is still considered missing yet is presumed dead. Authorities found that the SUV had been intentionally driven off the edge of the cliff. The case was later ruled a murder—suicide.

Trailed by abuse allegations, Hart mothers decide to drug children, drive off cliff

Days later, authorities announced that the crash was not an accident, but a crime. In addition to always being together at events, Jennifer constantly shared images of their happy home life on Facebook. Weaver had spoken to both Jennifer and Sarah about their personal struggles in the past, but never thought they would hurt themselves or their children. Authorities believe the couple did this after years of abuse allegations in multiple states caught up to them in Washington, where they were living at the time of their deaths. Click here to get breaking crime news, ongoing trial coverage and details of intriguing unsolved cases in the True Crime Newsletter. One of the most upsetting details from the case for Weaver and her friends were the Google searches Sarah conducted as she and her family made their way south to California. Jennifer drove off the cliff about 54 hours after she and her family first left their home.


As a drunk Jennifer Hart drove her six adopted children in their family SUV, her wife, Sarah, sat in the passenger seat looking up different ways to end a life. The SUV carrying the Hart family would drive off a foot Pacific coast cliff on that day in March last year -- a.
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