New found glory sticks and stones

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new found glory sticks and stones

Sticks and Stones is the third studio album by American pop punk band New Found Glory. Contents. 1 Background; 2 Production; 3 Composition; 4 Release.

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It's difficult to find new things to say about bands like New Found Glory. Blink , Sum 41, Bowling for Soup, and other purveyors of punk-lite occupy the same musical territory and just one quick listen to Sticks and Stones reveals that it's all been done, and heard, before. Yet complaining that this Florida quartet is one-dimensional is like whining about a soap opera or a Hollywood blockbuster not being realistic. The fact is, bands like New Found Glory serve a purpose to an audience of shopping mall teens who wish to appear anarchic by trading in the Backstreet Boys and Britney for guitar bands playing melodic, chugging riff-rock that weighs in on such meaty subjects as school, relationship angst, and summertime. Expecting bands like New Found Glory to come up with anything different is akin to going into Burger King and expecting to be served haute cuisine after ordering a Whopper. Yes, it's not exactly innovative, new or exciting but even the most stony-faced music critic with the hardest of hearts would have to admit there's a certain charm about Sticks and Stones.

It's highly accomplished, energetic punk-pop, the harmonies radiating youthful cheer, Jordan Pundik 's lead vocals adding a tinge of youthful defiance and vulnerability. It's much more upbeat, for instance, than the opening lines of the opening cut, "Understatement," might portend: "I'm sick of smiling, and so is my jaw. Not likely -- most of these are still upbeat if ambivalent songs about tense relationship growing pains and breakups, though sometimes colored with the wider territory of finding inner strength, dealing with loss, and coming out of rough experiences for the better. It's more engaging than exciting, and though it sounds pretty radio-ready in the better sense of that term, it does start to blur together over a full-length hearing. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully.

The tour will celebrate the 10th anniversary of their fan-favorite album, Sticks and Stones which took the band to the forefront of pop punk stardom. And that it will be a smaller club tour, will make it special," drummer Cyrus Bolooki recently told Rolling Stone. General on sale begins Thursday, September 13th at 12pm local time. In addition, fans can preorder a limited edition vinyl pressing of Sticks And Stones starting today at www. The 10th anniversary limited pressing will include the bonus song "Anniversary" which is previously unreleased in the US. The vinyl will be released November 20th and the limited first run will be available exclusively in the Epitaph webstore, on the Sticks and Stones tour, and at Hot Topic. Since the band's formation in New Found Glory has toured relentlessly and have released an impressive catalog with seven studio albums.

Sticks and Stones - New Found Glory (album)

We caught up with guitarist and chief songwriter Chad Gilbert, and set him the challenge of ranking their eight studio albums from worst to best. So for me personally, Catalyst is all over the place. Like I said, I think some of our best songs are on that record, but the record as a whole is number seven for me.


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