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We want to purchase some track spikes for our children just want to know if any one knows good places to purchase spikes and other running shoes? August I believe is end of Track season in the US so hopefully the spikes will be mark down. Concur with above. Big 5 is the main regional sporting goods chain on the West Coast. Track and Field speciality shoes are not common to find in any regular shoe store. Sadly a lot of sports shops have closed in the recent decade like Sports Chalet.

The Caribbean won 26 medals at the games, 13 of them for Jamaica, including seven gold. Jamaica's performance in Beijing and more recently Berlin are not flukes. This is as a result of years of hard work and investment. For years Jamaicans were often the only Caribbean island represented in any final. We have invested in athletics on a long term basis. All the athletes winning gold are born, bred, groomed in Jamaica. The sport has undergone a massive overhaul with development of resources.

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During the Olympics in Beijing, Jamaica notched up an unprecedented six gold medals, Trinidad took two silver medals, and Cuba's medal tally shot into double figures. If the islands are serious about producing athletes the likes of Usain Bolt and others we need to develop and invest more time and money into sporting facilities and trainers. The days for playing cricket on a Sunday evening or football matches on the beaches are over. We need to train our athletes to be serious and dedicated to their sports by providing various incentives for them to have a desire to develop their skills such as state-of-the-art facilities, gyms, professional coaching, after school programs, top of the line gear to compete with and all of this must be at a low cost to the athletes Particularly in football, when I look at teams like Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago, I believe we could win the world cup together.

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Posted In: Other Topics. Nothing quite as comprehensive as trackshark but here are some others that many of you may want to go onů. - This site exists to facilitate discussion on Championship prospects for Caribbean athletes.

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